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  1. About Me has a lot of information. I built an alternative page on HelioHost VPS:


    And you notice the existence of a new site.


  2. This has already been reported by multiple users on the HelioNet forums. Due to the death of cPanel, the free certificate AutoSSL has not been renewed. This period is 90 days. This certificate has expired in sequence. Using http: is a workaround for this issue. You may be able to manually install the certificate from SFTP, but we haven't reported any success with this yet. Of course, moving to Plesk will improve this. aleden.heliohost.org is correct on the Tommy server. So you will get Plesk in a relatively short time. You can also wait for it.
  3. You should still be able to refer to it with "http:". Also, since you are using a custom domain, you may be able to temporarily move to another server or web service.
  4. It seems that the VPS admin needs to take action. I notified on Discord.
  5. Plesk uses SSL It! To apply the certificate. https://www.plesk.com/extensions/sslit/ More on this will be revealed after we get Plesk.
  6. There was a report on Discord that there was a problem with posting. So moneybrz tested the post. https://discord.com/channels/398197622168616962/398538798994161664/885316005096730755
  7. I know about suspend, but currently the suspended status cannot be confirmed at the user level. Because it has to do with whether the staff is currently able to work or not.
  8. HelioHost has lost cPanel and is currently working on installing Plesk. See News for this: https://www.helionet.org/index/forum/1-news/ The root admin or moderator will not be able to activate the account until this is done. It seems that you were using the Johnny server, so it will still take a few days. You have to wait.
  9. I was just talking about this on Discord. Unfortunately each ".heliohost.org" and ".heliohost.us" subdomain will get this temporarily in the future. Some have already gotten. (The free SSL certificate (include cPanel AutoSSL) has a 90-day period. AutoSSL certificate will not be renewed because cPanel is dead) As a result, the relevant your website will be temporarily unavailable for reference with "https:". (You may still be able to refer to it with "http:". but if you are doing Force SSL on the cPlesk side (not ".htaccess" file), that cannot be solved) Custom domains also get this, but you should be able to handle this regardless of HelioHost. (For example, temporary move to HelioHost VPS) The official website "www.heliohost.org" also uses Let's Encrypt. Not affected by this. Especially those who donate and use Tommy server will get Plesk soon. You should wait for it. (Get Plesk by Tommy (Donorโ†’Free) โ†’ Ricky โ†’ Johnny in the order of earliest) In addition, Temporarily root admin is responding to the change of IP address to VPS. But that work can delay Plesk work. Is there any other way to deal with it? Some people may be able to comment on additional information. Some cPanel configuration file can be referenced via SFTP, which can be updated. It contains certificate related files.
  10. No. Currently Johnny and VPS use shared storage. This made the response worse, especially on VPS. This storage separation has been implemented in this maintenance. Currently Plesk work is in the Tommy installation stage. This work in the order of Tommy โ†’ Ricky โ†’ Johnny. So the Plesk installation on the Johnny is still a while away.
  11. News on this forum is all about the official status of Plesk progress. Discord may get informal but detailed information. We're working on Tommy in particular, and I think the Plesk migration will start soon, but We are experiencing a postponement of that start period. Therefore, the specific date is not yet certain. Anyway we have to wait. You should make a schedule based on that premise.
  12. balloons


    I agree. There are control panel settings or commands for automatic startup. If you forget it, it won't work after restarting the VPS. I have confirmed that the ping did not pass yet at the time of this posting. Simply VPS23 wasn't booted at VPS level yet. Then VPS23 is up and working. But maintenance is still in progress, so our VPS may still experience a down.
  13. All servers experienced a temporary down. Many servers booted up after a few hours. According to the information obtained from Discord. With the exception of some VPS, the server is currently up and running. Individual VPSs need to be booted in stages. https://discord.com/channels/398197622168616962/398538798994161664/882152799591333888 Storage separation between Johnny and VPS is a work to be done, so Johnny and VPS may still experience an outage. You will see the official news when the maintenance work is complete. Regarding the maintenance up to this point, Krydos commented: https://discord.com/channels/398197622168616962/398538798994161664/882153678834896967
  14. balloons


    r0nmlt (aka RR) and I can check the status of VPS on Discord. https://discord.com/channels/398197622168616962/398538798994161664/882152799591333888 VPS maintenance is still in progress and your VPS may still experience an outage. VPS users should wait for a while until the maintenance is completed.
  15. As far as I can see, your account is not suspended. zivijobs.heliohost.org is displayed normally. You seem to be using the Johnny server. The Johnny server currently has no free space in /tmp. (and almost no /home) The staff is currently undergoing maintenance work in the data center. This can be expected to improve this problem. Please wait a few hours. Please try again after the maintenance is completed.
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