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  1. I communicated that concern to Krydos on Discord last year. I think it happened at a fairly early stage. https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/ If you need specific steps to issue an alternative certificate, we may be able to show you the steps. It can be dealt with in Plesk's control panel.
  2. I use Hugo for blogging. You will find it very convenient to post your blog this way, especially if you are accustomed to working with CLI aka commands.
  3. Wow! My Tommy server has moved to Plesk.
    I can resume my activities here.

  4. I'm hearing about yashrs from Krydos. Because you are involved in server work these days. Thank you for your support as a VPS admin. Krydos set up my VPS. It was just after the tragedy of losing cPanel. Still thank you for dealing with my VPS. I see the day when your Plesk work is complete and your server can be built. I can always meet you on Discord. Jenova is always a quick response. I know you are an excellent Moderator. The VPS I lost will be assigned to someone. It will continue to support HelioNet and HelioHost. I'm still using Tommy server and will get Plesk soon, but want to get a better US server on HelioHost so I'll act later. I am grateful for the response so far and for meeting you.
  5. Unfortunately I need to ask the VPS admin to do the shutdown work. My VPS: vps35.heliohost.us This VPS adopts Rocky. Rocky upgraded many packages a few hours ago. I can't connect to ssh after updating this package. Normally I should ask for a VPS reboot, but I was considering shutting down the VPS, This was a good time to shut down the VPS. I am considering using Morty instead of this VPS in the future. (I have to wait a while for Morty to be released) Or I may sign up for a VPS again in the future. Krydos and a few moderators at Discord led me to HelioHost VPS. It provided me with a great experience. I am grateful to meet the staff at HelioHost and everyone who uses it.
  6. This examples here is port 80. It is the standard port for http. The standard port for https using SSL is 443. Keep this in mind if you have referenced and configured this example. It will be necessary to add the setting of Apache. You also need to specify the location of Let’s Encrypt issued with this setting. My VPS (Rocky instead of CentOS) uses Caddy instead of Apache to simplify these configurations. Caddy is a web server and supports Let’s Encrypt (or ZeroSSL) issuance and automatic updates. Since you have selected CentOS, The EOL for CentOS 8 is December 31, 2021: https://blog.centos.org/2020/12/future-is-centos-stream/
  7. A certificate is always required for https (SSL). cPanel issued own certificate "AuroSSL". Now this is dead so the certificate will not be renewed. Therefore the certificate has expired. That is the cause of this problem. This workaround is what we have answered so far. If you need it right away. Or you can wait for the Plesk installation to complete. Plesk could provide the issuance of SSL certificates. I moved the website running on my custom domain to HelioHost VPS to work around this issue. VPS can also choose the method of issuing the SSL certificate.
  8. If you want to resolve it, issue an SSL certificate such as ZeroSSL, upload it to your user directory (Other than public_html) via SFTP and comment it.
  9. It seems that the entire HelioHost VPS is down. (Currently my VPS is also down) I was able to confirm this situation from Discord. VPS admin is working on this recovery.
  10. Recently Google has begun to apply deleting data from accounts that haven't been used for two years. https://support.google.com/googleone/answer/10214036 There are several alternative storage services, but they all have their limitations. Provider company, country, etc. There is also the possibility of service outages. That's true even if you're using a domain. Even .com has a registrar and a registry (VeriSign). It is under the jurisdiction of US law. The workaround would be to save it to your local PC or smartphone.
  11. It will be an opportunity to see the changes of the times. Even during this period, our internet environment changed. My workplace was a 1Gbps line last year (2020). This measurement date was Sunday, so it is a day with a lot of line sharing.
  12. Since you have set "~all", In this case, some mail servers such as Google Workspace will be passed. This is a consideration if you forget to add a server to your SPF configuration. https://support.google.com/a/answer/10683907 If you obviously refuse to send mail from other servers, you can use "-all" instead.
  13. I checked your server with dig. $ dig infantex.com.mx txt ;; ANSWER SECTION: infantex.com.mx. 300 IN TXT "v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ~all" TXT records only return SPF. There is no DMARC. Something is wrong with the record settings. Please note that the SMTP server also processes the received mail. Putting incoming mail into a mailbox is the work of SMTP, and receiving from the mailbox is the work of POP or IMAP.
  14. Include it in the TXT record of the name server for your domain. You should be able to get enough information on this by searching SPF or DMARC on Google. Free Google Apps account is currently Google Workspace, but it works as long as there is no domain change. Therefore, the Google Workspace documentation can also be a solution tip.
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