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  1. ??? where are you trying to connect? It's trying to connect to something unrelated to HelioHost. Also, HelioHost does not provide connectivity on port 22. (Excludes VPS)
  2. Krydos and I have spoken on Discord and Krydos said they never recommend this. This seems to be the cause in my case. For the OS upgrade, you should sign a new VPS contract and move the domain. Then stop the old VPS.
  3. I actually had the same experience a few days ago. After sudo reboot, I can't log in to ssh. (I already chose to terminated this vps, Please don't mind my support) https://discord.com/channels/398197622168616962/398538798994161664/1024134118222594129 A VPS that employs Ubuntu may experience this after a reboot. I used Ubuntu 20.04 LTS when I signed up for VPS, and then upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Also, I configured ufw a few days ago, so maybe there is a problem using ufw. Since Krydos was able to console login, it looks like the root admin can recover this.Posting here is fine.
  4. Just to be sure, I confirmed this implication on Discord. https://discord.com/channels/398197622168616962/398538798994161664/1028106362821034034 Krydos says "Both update your last login date". This was not working with cPanel. Great update!
  5. It may be helpful to include this URL in a bookmark or shortcut that you can easily find. https://heliohost.org/login/
  6. HelioHost support emails will be sent to this HelioNet Email Support. However, there have been reports of it not arriving in transmissions from Gmail. Since you can post directly here. Or you can also use Discord.
  7. Hi plp050452, From your previous post, I used Gmail, so I'm currently having problems transferring between HelioHost and Gmail. I see a new email address in your past post, so please wait for the root admin's response. Also, I understand your confusion, but please don't post in multiple places because of this. It annoys us to support.
  8. Information I researched to share This is only blocking mail delivery from HelioHost to Gmail. No problem from Gmail to HelioHost. I could not confirm HelioHost registration on the official blacklist. This issue only affects Gmail. This also blocks emails sent by HelioHost to you. But don't panic if you've gotten HelioHost information outside of email! If you are forwarding mail from HelioHost to Gmail, it will also be blocked. Use POP instead. Presumably this block is a domain level block for heliohost.org and heliohost.org. If you are using a custom domain you may not be affected by the block. If you receive a notification of Plesk migration in the future, if that email address is Gmail, that email is currently blocked, so please change the notification email address. I had Gmail registered with HelioHost, so I was affected by this, but since I'm on Discord, I didn't have to rush to change my email address. Discord is the fastest for news and pinging me. If you're a regular user of HelioNet, don't panic as well, because there are alternatives to e-mail. Note that some servers may have different restrictions. (Especially Johnny)
  9. hi c2itnow, If you used Gmail, recently HelioHost and Gmail's servers have been on bad terms. Note that support@heliohost.org will only reach the Email Support of this forum. If you use this forum, you may not get much benefit from email.
  10. If you have access to your domain's nameservers, There is also a method of refusing to send and receive mail at the nameserver level. About receiving mail removes MX records. and sending mail adds the following TXT record (Assuming your domain is example.com) example.com TXT v=spf1 -all _dmarc.example.com TXT v=DMARC1; p=reject; sp=reject; adkim=s; aspf=s; *._domainkey.example.com TXT v=DKIM1; p=
  11. I communicated that concern to Krydos on Discord last year. I think it happened at a fairly early stage. https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/ If you need specific steps to issue an alternative certificate, we may be able to show you the steps. It can be dealt with in Plesk's control panel.
  12. I use Hugo for blogging. You will find it very convenient to post your blog this way, especially if you are accustomed to working with CLI aka commands.
  13. Wow! My Tommy server has moved to Plesk.
    I can resume my activities here.

  14. I'm hearing about yashrs from Krydos. Because you are involved in server work these days. Thank you for your support as a VPS admin. Krydos set up my VPS. It was just after the tragedy of losing cPanel. Still thank you for dealing with my VPS. I see the day when your Plesk work is complete and your server can be built. I can always meet you on Discord. Jenova is always a quick response. I know you are an excellent Moderator. The VPS I lost will be assigned to someone. It will continue to support HelioNet and HelioHost. I'm still using Tommy server and will get Plesk soon, but want to get a better US server on HelioHost so I'll act later. I am grateful for the response so far and for meeting you.
  15. Unfortunately I need to ask the VPS admin to do the shutdown work. My VPS: vps35.heliohost.us This VPS adopts Rocky. Rocky upgraded many packages a few hours ago. I can't connect to ssh after updating this package. Normally I should ask for a VPS reboot, but I was considering shutting down the VPS, This was a good time to shut down the VPS. I am considering using Morty instead of this VPS in the future. (I have to wait a while for Morty to be released) Or I may sign up for a VPS again in the future. Krydos and a few moderators at Discord led me to HelioHost VPS. It provided me with a great experience. I am grateful to meet the staff at HelioHost and everyone who uses it.
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