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🎈 BALLOON | FU-SEN in Japan 🎈😍

🌞 HelioNetworks balloons - Tommy https://balloon.heliohost.us/ - VPS https://vps35.heliohost.us/
💬 Discord balloon#3295 - ID 274758244017242112 (@balloon)

🐙 GitHub (English Home) https://github.com/fu-sen
🗾 日本語 Japanese https://balloon.asia/

- - 🎈 - -

Why did I get to this forum? Why did I arrive at this forum?
Discord has a different world.

- - 🎈 - -

I first worked with Apache 20 years ago on Solaris. I signed up for a FreeBSD server to study more servers. (VPS did not exist yet at this time)
Now there is a Windows server running Telnet BBS next to the my PC. Still, I signed up for HelioHost and made a donation the next day.

I expected a newly built $1 Hosting to get stable hosting. But one member recommended me $4 VPS.
I was worried about the distribution, but one administrator quickly resolved it by increasing the options for the distribution.
This gave me no reason to decline the VPS contract.
HelioHost had a big trouble losing cPanel when I was trying to sign up for a VPS.
I still set it up because of the need to support HelioNetworks. Japanese yen was further remitted to the US.
Once again, The admin set up my VPS quickly. I got a VPS instead of a shared server that I couldn't control.
This happened half a month after I came here. But the story will still be long.

- - 🎈 - -

I know it's currently valid, That wasn't the goal, as I already own some domains.
I seem to have found an ideal companion in this place.

- - 🎈 - -

FAQ  There is something wrong with your English.
  👉 🎈 I usually post in English using Google Translate. If you don't understand, please let me know. I will reply in different words.

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