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  1. This will be a Krydos task. But he now needs to prioritize Plesk work. Hold your VPS so that Krydos can reset it at any time.
  2. The clear answer to this is still too early, I posted it a few days ago, we have not yet tested free (sub) domains such as EU.org on Plesk. We still don't know if Plesk will accept free (sub) domains. I will do this test when I get Plesk. As far as I can see in the Plesk manual, Plesk supports the issuance of Let’s Encrypt and can update it automatically. (cPanel issued its own free certificate "AutoSSL", which is one of the specification changes by Plesk) https://docs.plesk.com/en-US/obsidian/customer-guide/websites-and-domains/securing-connections-with-ssltls-certificates/securing-connections-with-the-ssl-it!-extension.65160/ Free EU.org (sub) domains have been registered in the Public Suffix List. Therefore, Let's Encrypt treats EU.org (sub) domains in the same way as ICANN paid domains. EU.org is one of the benefits, as other free subdomains do not have this registration. (Other free (sub) domains may fail to issue new due to Let’s Encrypt Rate Limits) The HelioHost VPS should be able to use EU.org without any problems. In addition, VPS can issue ZeroSSL instead of Let’s Encrypt and automatically update it. As a result, you have more choices for free (sub) domains. Free (sub) domains are summarized in this topic. I add Plesk information here.
  3. Perhaps I will continue to use both VPS and shared server. VPS can operate the web in a relatively stable state. On the other hand, mail servers are difficult to set up and prevent junk mail, so I will leave this to the shared server. It also provides HelioNetworks with ongoing donations, supports continued HelioHost service and ensures that my account is maintained. (As long as you continue to donate, your account will not be suspended) This is just an example. Once the Plesk work has settled down, there are more options for shared servers. You may consider that new shared server instead of a VPS. If you can donate, consider the ideal method for a few months.
  4. I haven't received the email yet, I found out who the user was. It was an ideal user.
  5. If you already have an account on another server, please let us know. Having multiple accounts is prohibited by the rules. https://wiki.helionet.org/hosting/terms If you don't have a HelioHost account yet, wait for a sign-up invitation.
  6. You have to wait. I think you're expecting beta testing, but only a small percentage of the big donors are getting it right now.
  7. Because you probably know Plesk. Free SSL on Plesk will probably be Let's Encrypt. https://letsencrypt.org/ If you wish, you will be able to issue any certificate and apply it. (It's often paid) More details should be revealed by beta tester users soon.
  8. Krydos has been doing Plesk work for over a month now. We really need his thanks. 🏆
  9. So far, Krydos has built a unique function with Plesk work using Tommy. That seems to have prolonged Plesk work time. Work on Ricky and Johnny doesn't have it and he also experienced this procedure. This can be expected to be obviously shorter.
  10. Perhaps one user saw this comment and asked me a question on Discord. I'm not currently using WP at all. Therefore, I cannot answer any related questions. I've seen a lot of webs destroyed using PHP and MySQL. Still, I knew WP2Static because I recently saw this page: https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/tutorials/deploy-a-static-wordpress-site The WP to build at this time should be on your local PC. Not HelioHost.
  11. Tommy's Plesk beta test started at the time of this post. Therefore, subsequent posts will be primarily reports on Plesk.
  12. Many shared server users also use Cloudflare. If you apply a custom domain to your VPS, I would recommend it too. I also manage many domains with Cloudflare. After many years of experience, I settled down this.
  13. This is a disappointing event. I've contacted Discord, but it will happen at Krydos timing. I haven't heard any protection information around here, so it needs protection at the distribution and application level. Use ssh encryption key instead of password, Change ssh port number, That's the recommended procedure, I deal with this with an unusual server configuration. For example, My VPS uses Caddy as my web server instead of Apache. https://caddyserver.com/ ".htaccess" cannot be used. It is not subject to associated attacks. It doesn't do as much as nginx, but it's probably faster than Apache. This also issues and manage the SSL (TLS) certificates. No SSL certificate app is required. I initially used this on Windows 10 and liked it. And do not install and run other unnecessary applications. If you don't need PHP, don't install it. It's very effective.
  14. Another TOKYO 2020 will start soon. I see it, but I'm here too. Plesk is coming soon.

  15. You are asking for backup data, so follow these steps: This eliminates the need to restore your account.
  16. Tommy will get Plesk soon. We want to focus Krydos tasks on Plesk work. Your request may delay the work, so please make your request accordingly.
  17. After I get Plesk, I plan to test free domains such as EU.org. This is what we HelioHost users want. I use Tommy and donated 6 months VPS price to HelioNetwork. So I think I'll get beta testing early on. This report will be commented here.
  18. We don't have enough information to help us with anything. You need to be a little more specific.
  19. Oh, I wanted a lot of balloons, but I got a helper...

  20. Yeah, The task can still be delayed. We want your (Krydos) work to be a top priority for Plesk work. When you forget, VPS users will post it again to remind you.
  21. This needs to be resolved for vps other than vps44. I explain this to Krydos on Discord.
  22. I have confirmed that the SFTP connection of Tommy server fails. Other users have reported the same on Discord. This is probably due to the progress of Plesk work. Later Tommy users will see changes on your web as well. We will get Plesk really soon.
  23. moneybrz knows the latest information. He recognizes that PleskTommy's beta testing is imminent. On Discord, the moderator says "soon". It may still be a few days. He knew it and posted it.
  24. I'm a fellow of MoneyBroz and Discord. I had a conversation on Discord about this. MoneyBroz used Tommy for a long time, but temporarily moved to Ricky. Of course he is making a donation. It would be ideal to add him to the upcoming beta test of PleskTommy.
  25. I investigated the reverse DNS of HelioHost VPS and confirmed that it is not currently configured. it's necessary. (Especially when operating a mail server) By default, we expect that the main domain "vps●●.heliohost.us" can be resolved. That's usually enough.
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