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  1. This answer is decentralized, as many people have written it, but these topics and comments already exist. The answer I know: The account will be deleted once when the administrator installs Plesk. This will cause a few days down. Tommy will soon be down. Next is Ricky, then Johnny. It is foretold that this work will take days. Tommy users have already received an email from HelioHost. It has a link where you can download the backup. Everything that cPanel managed is there. Of course, you can back up using SFTP before you receive the email. If you are using something other than Tommy, you still have days to back up. Details of 2 items so far: HelioHost chose Plesk because it can be installed on Lily, which runs Windows Server. This almost eliminates other options. Root administrators and moderators may provide a little more information on this. Details: Yes. That is the correct: "Free hosting for everyone." This should not change. However, I also know that HelioHost is considering new options. It will be revealed soon. (already have a $4 VPS option) Details:
  2. It happened 5 days ago. HelioHost has lost cPanel. Plesk will be installed instead in the future. See the news for a few days for you to stay up to date.
  3. If this is set, it will continue to reference the shared server. You need to change this. Krydos recommends using an external service for this. This is because there are some issues when configuring with VPS. Related topics:
  4. I'm sure you were posting this. This is correct: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/44364-change-username/ But administrators prioritize Plesk installations. You have to wait for a while. reference: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/44330-new-partnership-with-plesk/ https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/44365-tommy-and-ricky-backups-done/
  5. I haven't touched Hestia at all, so I can't answer this. Please wait for other people's comments on this.
  6. In this case, one of the name servers is set to VPS (Name server registration required), And you'll need a slave server. https://dns.he.net/ can also be used as a slave. Setting up a name server with an external service will work better than that.
  7. Since the name server was also managed by cPanel, this also needs to be temporarily managed by VPS or another service is used. You should be able to log in to the registry (ore reseller) and change the name server of domains. https://dns.he.net/ Hurricane Electric Free DNS seems to be used by many HelioHost users. This is also the location of the HelioHost server. https://www.cloudflare.com/ I like Cloudflare. since this is a CDN service, it has many other functions besides DNS.
  8. $ dig zaldivar.mx ;; ANSWER SECTION: zaldivar.mx. 14400 IN A The domain zaldivar.mx still references Tommy. You need to change it.
  9. In my experience, VPS is assigned the domain vps??.heliohost.us. (?? is a number)
  10. Tommy's load has been reduced. Apparently the backup is complete. However, the next task will be hours later. There should be that announcement.
  11. You need to set up a Virtual Host for that. https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/en/vhosts/ Perhaps this explanation alone will allow you to proceed to a solution.
  12. I also asked your VPS web server. The configuration file is different depending on the web server. Is it Apache? nginx? I like Caddy. If you just received a VPS, it is not yet installed. You need to work from there first.
  13. The VPS is freely configurable and needs a little more detail. What is your VPS web server and control panel?
  14. I recently signed up for a VPS. I received the server information email at PayPal's main email address.
  15. No. You can still back up and update with SFTP or WebDisk (WebDAV). No. Aún puede realizar copias de seguridad y actualizar con SFTP o WebDisk (WebDAV). Please note that the HelioNet forum is only supported in English. Tenga en cuenta que el foro de HelioNet solo se admite en inglés. https://wiki.helionet.org/accounts/international-countries
  16. It has just been updated. https://www.heliohost.org/map/ This map uses OpenStreetMap. The HelioHost side will not have added this. https://www.openstreetmap.org/ If you can see the same issue on the site above, please report it to OpenStreetMap.
  17. I had just signed up for a VPS for 6 months. That was a possible support to HelioNetworks. A new server was planned to be built before this trouble occurred. It seems that this was a paid plan. With the introduction of Plesk in the future, the timing of this will change. Still, the current free shared server will be provided basically unchanged.
  18. Krydos will help you install the server application to some extent. However, he's currently crazy about backup and Plesk installation work, so don't expect it too much. Of course, some packages are easy to install with distribution packages. My VPS was delivered with a minimal configuration running only ssh. That's what I expected.
  19. Jenova and I confirmed this. I hope it won't be archived until Plesk is built. If the main account is HelioHost, yes. Until recently, HelioHost and HelioNet had to be registered separately. In addition, HelioNet has recently changed its forum system. So I signed up three times.
  20. Yup? You may not understand what a VPS is. It has nothing but the OS. Web server, mail server, name server, ... required server All applications need to be installed by yourself.
  21. Arvancloud was originally an Iranian service and may have been rejected at the US level. Please check the terms of use just in case: https://wiki.helionet.org/hosting/terms
  22. No, HelioHost's shared servers (including the Tommy server) are still working. (Although cPanel is lost) https://wiki.helionet.org/misc/server-status http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/ The web will still work because you are using nmbayu76.eu.org in the main domain. $ dig nmbayu76.eu.org ;; ANSWER SECTION: nmbayu76.eu.org. 180 IN A nmbayu76.eu.org. 180 IN A nmbayu76.eu.org references a different server. Check EU.org and the name server service you are using. Also, please do not comment on support information. The administrator may skip the confirmation. It should be posted in the right place (You post a lot, so I think you're used to it. But...) : https://www.helionet.org/index/forum/45-customer-service/
  23. Yeah. The answer was lacking. Currently, administrators cannot take immediate action on archives.
  24. That would be a little different. cPanel and mail have stopped working, but the web and SQL are still working. The web data is completely preserved and the administrator is currently doing a full backup. You should be able to back it up separately.
  25. Then we need to return to the request of aigarsplno. Do you meet this request? It looks like it hasn't been resolved yet. This will be looking for files etc.
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