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    C-Sharp (C#) programming (Especially in Windows Forms Application), Windows is my favorite operating system, video games like Sonic the hedgehog.

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  1. Sffreesy

    Plesk ETA

    Thank you for everything! Finally we're about to see the light after a long dark. I can't wait to test the new Plesk control panel!.
  2. ☹☹☹ I guess we need more patience to get Plesky Johnny. I thought that Krydos meant that "moved to" means Plesk maintenance because I'm impatient (Just kidding😉)🙆‍♂️
  3. Ooo boy🤩 Does that mean Johnny will be converted to Plesk and the wait is over or some ordinary maintenance?🤔🧐 I can't wait to try it🤩🤩🤩 Thanks to you guys, I appreciate that 🙏💯
  4. Good And yes, It's obvious, As Krydos and other admins worked hard in Tommy, They should finish it faster, We hope that so. Again, way to go, Admins. Best of luck.
  5. Oooooo boy🤩 Way to go, Admins😉 But is Johnny server maintenance time longer than Tommy?
  6. Way to go, guys!😃 That's super hilarious! And finally the domain change problem has been squashed👏 I can't wait to try the new Plesk architecture🤠
  7. Y'know guys, I love how C# is very easy, delightful, tidy, and functional (Despite the new unified .NET libraries -.NET 5 and beyond) Windows have some C# libraries beside the main Windows' language C++ Well, C++ is very similar to C# (or in reverse) but it's very complicated and long. I saw some memes that C++ needs more code implemention than C# and python (Console printing) Python: print("string") C++: include iostream.h, namespace std and cout{string}* *:I don't remember the proper C++ code. *:Despite the sophisticated code implementation of C++, it is still the most important and functional language of most games and our PC famous operating system Microsoft Windows. Even ASP.NET is one of important features of Heliohost and it's functional(?). What do you think guys?
  8. Good news. You guys are working hard to let users obtain the best experience from HelioHost. I hope that Johnny get the best experience better than CPanel suspensions. Thanks a lot🏆
  9. Oooo...😥 Does that mean that we are going to use browser as usual?😔 However, thanks for everything and good luck building Plesk architecture.
  10. In case of TL;DR, just like the Android and iOS version but in Windows. --------------------------------- But, what about this? https://www.plesk.com/blog/various/how-to-install-plesk-on-windows/amp/ (Accelerated mobile page) (Delete /amp if you use PC browser) The page is Windows client installation tutorial and it's not clear to regular users. Is that for developers only to manage Heliohost servers or also for users? Also, Did you took this Windows client's source code from Plesk support in the first place to distribute it to Heliohost users, or just simple web control panel (in short)
  11. Does Plesk provides PC clients (Windows, Mac or Linux) to manage your Heliohost subscription and manager your server? Or it's only for developers like you (Admins)?
  12. Way to go! I can't wait to try the new Plesk architecture, E-specially new features that CPanel doesn't have, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux clients to manage your server! We're counting on you! But I have a bad feeling that we will face more Plesk troubles because of their eventual support😥 Also, Is Plesk clients' source code included in your subscription to modify and distribute with control panel?
  13. Hi admins Can you explain to me what's going on recently. I mean: What is CPanel and why you chose CPanel in the past? How CPanel affect your service? (Clarify: Admin Kydros has suffered from some CPanel behaviors) From your expectations, why CPanel revoked your registeration? What does Plesk do as CPanel do or don't? Does Heliohost will be FREE and FOREVER whatever the circumstances? What do you say? Feel free to answer and thanks for the hard work! You guys are very incredible, I had never saw a free hosting service like your host ever! Forgive me if anything wrong or violates your rules. NOTE: Sorry for duplicate questions from another users, my topic was accidentally created Sincerely Sffreesy
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