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  1. Thanks a lot for everything I will wait for it. I noticed about the paypal so I pay before the end of this month!
  2. @Krydos Is it posible that you help me out with this ? One more question I have and domain on my account that I would like to transfer to this VPS, can you also help me out with this? Thanks for everything!
  3. Thanks, the charge was ok, I will check before 1 month if donating is going to be ok jajaja. @Krydosis it posible to register the vps to the account that I used to post this question not the paypal one ?
  4. Thanks Jenova! The transaction ID is: 7GK28690XS674864D Just one notice, I first recieve an email telling me that the auto-charge for helio was canceled and then another email with the transaction so I don't have renew trasaction on paypal it may be a misconfiguration on the paypal side. For handeling this for next month how can I do it?
  5. I have bought the $4.00 VPS but it never asked me my email nor anything, so the credentials will be sent to my PayPal email or where? I have an email already registered with an account on ricky server (is the one that is used to post this post) and I purchased the VPS so I can continue with this website and more. I also saw in a blog post where Krydos can do this: If you want to get a VPS we can install a free control panel for you that will install everything for you. A popular OS and free control panel is Ubuntu 20 with Hestia. Maybe take a look at their demo and find some of the familiar cPanel functionality. https://demo.hestiacp.com:8083/ Can this be done to me? So I can re-upload the website without needing the trouble to configure the server? Thanks Guys! Great job is done here!
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