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  1. 8 hours ago, HelioHost said:

    A few hours ago, with absolutely no prior warning, cPanel unexpectedly revoked all of our licenses, and are now trying to charge us over $17,000 per year to renew them. Obviously since we're a non-profit funded by donations we don't have anywhere near that money to pay their ransom. If you try to log in to cPanel it will give you errors and not let you log in. It looks like FTP is still working though so we strongly recommend you log in and recover your files that way while you still can. We've been a faithful cPanel license holder since 2005, and over the past 16 years we haven't had any issues with them at all until today. Our servers are all inexorably intertwined with cPanel/WHM and all the customizations and systems we've written over the years are worthless without cPanel. We're not entirely sure what we're going to do at this point.

    I have an alternative for you guys: Plesk
    They offer discounted licenses, you just need to contact them.
    Maybe Plesk is a good alternative

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