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  1. Question. When sign ups are open to the public again, are you going to have an alternative for signing up such as discord for those who use gmail?
  2. Could someone explain how to add a filter in gmail? I'm visually impaired, so immages don't really help me.
  3. What do I do to contact gmail about this. I'm currently using yahoo, which I hate, but I have to use it until emails are being sent to my gmail. I set this up as I wasn't even receiving emails from the forums or support by email.
  4. I'm using gmail, I'm replying from my forum account as I'm not getting any emails from helio host at all, so good thing I happened to check the topic on the forums.
  5. I just thought, when registrations are open again, is there going to be a new script for changing the main domain or deleting account created for plesk.
  6. I'd vote for java as well. Also, is email and mailing lists going to be supported on plesk?
  7. I'd like my username on the forum changed to hdpchat please, thank you.
  8. Are we still going to be able to create email accounts with the new control panel and access webmail?
  9. I'd like my username changed to hunterparker please, thank you.
  10. hdpchat

    vps question

    I have a couple questions about the vps. When you sign up on the form, and pay for your subscription, is the vps set up automatically like the hosting accounts were? Do you have a control panel I can use to manage my vps such as creating a site etc? I don't know how to use shell. Also, if you cancel your subscription through paypal, how long until the vps is deleted.
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