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  1. Hello, I need to reinstall ssl certificate. I have uploaded the new ssl in a zip on the root folder. Can you install it , please ? Thanks
  2. OK I wait , I hope @Krydos can help me, thanks
  3. hello, I have an account on Tommy server and I have upload the ssl to the account, can you install on it please ? my username is ferastur. Thanks
  4. done, I moved. Thank you very your help. @JenovaI'm waiting to test the ssl, thanks.
  5. hello, can you help me to install the ssl certificate ? I have uploaded in the public_html folder in a zip. Domain : www.appstursoft.com Thanks
  6. I checked and it was not in the public folder, thanks you very much, it's working.
  7. Hello, I have uploaded the ssl files in a .zip in www.appstursoft.com folder, can you install it please ? It's in Tommy's server and I cannot install it by the pannel situation. thanks
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