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  1. Please delete my VPS. It is not useful for my application. I have to wait until HelioHost Plans are available again.
  2. Ok, found the issue. My password is containing numbers. I entered them from the numbers keypad. Seems to work to log in but not in the shell itself although num lock is active. Using the numbers above the normal keypad worked now. 😉
  3. Can you please DM me so I can send you my secondary email? I can ssh into my server but on sudo the same password is not accepted...
  4. By the way, I never received a VPS setup completed email. This may have to do with your gmail issue? I now added a spam filter to my gmail. Hopefully this works for future emails...
  5. Can please someone install Hestia on my VPS? I do not seem to have a root password to install it myself...
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