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  1. Yes, but it had been deleted long time ago since I was busy then and didn't moderate it in a period of time.
  2. OK, so I've deleted the domain and re-register it again. Now its expiration date is 2013/2/xx. But I still can't signup using that domain. I just got an e-mail which says: Any ideas?
  3. Well, I logged in to CO.CC and it looked like that everything's fine. I didn't find a link or something for me to renew that domain also (because it's already working?). Besides, the domain works when I pointed it to other DNS server, so I don't think it's CO.CC's problem.
  4. I renewed it in about 2009 or 2010, I think. I haven't been asked to renew it again since then.
  5. Well, it seems that this is not the problem. I'd renewed the domain before (I don't know why the whois data isn't updated) and it works well.
  6. Today when I tried to signup for a HelioHost account with the following domain: fancool.co.cc I just got an e-mail which says the domain already have a DNS entry, though I had pointed the domain to HelioHost's DNS server already. Any help is appreciated!
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