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  1. What is your cPanel username and the server your account is on? Also, what is the MySQL username you are trying to use?
  2. The CloudFlare issue is being discussed here. Please let us know if you are now able to connect to FTP so we may mark this thread as solved.
  3. If you cannot view your index page after 24 hours, please try clearing your cache.
  4. Some example code is available on our wiki. Instructions to enable remote MySQL connections are also at the bottom of that page.
  5. That account is suspended for Phishing. For security reasons, phishing accounts cannot be unsuspended, backed up, or deleted. You will need to create a new account and restore any backup you may have. Please be aware that you will not be able to reuse any domains on your suspended account, and will need to pick a new username. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  6. My guess is that somewhere in the function $this->nmi->redirectByRefId(4); (line 167) is an echo statement that outputs the parameter given (4). What I can't quite figure out is what would cause the statements given in elseif($r['status']==2) (lines 165-168) to execute twice. Maybe the entire function setSession() is called twice somewhere else in your code? Possibly if called from within a loop?
  7. Using the subdomain tool in cPanel, click on the "Manage Redirection" link for subdomain.example.com. Enter subdomain.com in the box provided on the next page and click save. subdomain.example.com should now redirect to subdomain.com.
  8. My automated file backup was empty. Could I get a manual backup please? If it helps, I'm only interested in /home/iceitsup/public_html/Dev (or ./dev, can't remember which). Added myself to the list.
  9. The simplest method would be to add a forwarder for that account. 1. Login to cPanel, and click on Forwarders under the Mail section. 2. Click the Add Forwarder button 3. Fill in the HelioHost email in the Address to Forward section 4. Fill in the GMail address in the Forward To box 5. Click the Add Forwarder button to save
  10. Those are the correct steps. Once you have added the domain, please allow 24-48 hours for it to resolve. You may see the Account Queued page when visiting the new domain during that time.
  11. Your account is listed as inactive in our system. Please renew your account at http://heliohost.org/home/support/scripts/renew
  12. MySQL was upgraded recently on Johnny, our experimental server (see http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/21199-mysql-5621/). If that proves to be a stable release, and once we finish repairing the issues on Stevie, I'm sure an upgrade will be in the works.
  13. Apologies for the delayed response. That account is listed as suspended in our database. To request a suspension lift, you will need to post here: http://www.helionet.org/index/forum/81-suspended-and-queued-accounts/
  14. Please post your cPanel username, main domain, and the server your account is on. I can manually reset your password for you.
  15. Your account is listed as inactive in our database. Try reactivating it at http://www.heliohost.org/home/support/scripts/renew and then reset your password. If you still have no luck, let me know and I can manually reset it.
  16. Can you post the code of the file? Also ensure your MySQL username and password is correct, has the correct permissions, and you are connecting to localhost.
  17. HelioHost doesn't offer PHP 4 for security reasons. Please update your code to be PHP 5 compatible.
  18. Glad you were able to solve the problem! That would be my first thought for the 500 errors as well.
  19. Has this issue resolved? If not, please post your username, main domain, and the server you are on.
  20. Your shebang line should be #!/usr/bin/python on HelioHost. Sorry I didn't notice that earlier.
  21. Please provide a link to the script and the server you are on.
  22. You are missing a closing curly bracket } on line 2. It should look like .shown { display: block; }
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