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  1. OK. My day-to-day email is the GMail one (which is configured to retrieve mail from Hotmail... but I think POP does not retrieve from the spam folder). I just logged into Hotmail and didn't find the "Are you ready for Plesk" email in the spam folder. Older one was from May 10, though, so if it was from a previous date, it's been already purged. I added support@heliohost.org to the whitelist on Hotmail to avoid this problem in the future (if that is what actually happened). Regards,
  2. Hello. I learned that some accounts are being transferred to Plesk. I went on to check my ETA and the page says my account is ready to be moved... but I didn't receive any advise by e-mail. Anyway, I think I will stick with my VPS for now while all the Plesk issues are "ironed out". 🙂 Account: infantx Domain: infantex.com.mx Regards,
  3. OK. One more question, if I wanted to upgrade from my current Mercury to a Mars VPS, would I be able to keep the extra memory or would I lose it with the change?
  4. Hi there. On October 22, 2020 I made a donation of $10 from my PayPal account (currently jorge.zaldivar@gmail.com but it may have been jorge_zaldivar@hotmail.com at that time). Transaction ID was 04Y588901B464254A. No donations are shown in the Plesk ETA page. Four more donations were made in 2019 (and some more before that)... but they would all fall outside of the time window you're considering for the Plesk queu. Can you link the one on Oct 22 to my account? It's infantx on Tommy (Should I change the email on my profile to match that of my PayPal account?). Thanks and regards,
  5. Hello. It's not completely clear to me. Would the sale end affect all the current VPSs or only the new ones? i.e., current VPS users get to keep the extra GB? What about if we pay 6 months in advance? Regards,
  6. I think I (partially) know what's happening. What lit the fuse was the selector field of the DKIM field. I had forgotten it even existed (quite easily since I only used it once about two months ago when setting up my VPS, and then I just copied it from Google's recommendation). Today I received another DMARC report and there were two valid e-mails originating from a Google-owned IP and passing all tests -- and the selector for DKIM was google. This selector thing was fresh in my mind for having answered @balloons about my (supposedly) nonexistent DKIM and DMARC records (you had to specify the selector when querying with curl). At first I thought someone had somehow added a DKIM selector (mailo from the DMARC report) to my domain. So I queried for it, but no, there was none. But, sure enough, garena,com had one. So, what I think is happening is that someone with a garena.com account is sending mail with altered headers, as to appear e-mail is from us (infantex.com.mx). Such e-mails are passing garena.com's SPF and DKIM tests because they're in fact originating from garena.com, thus the pass results in the auth_results section of the DMARC report. But they are failing DMARC, so they're being rejected or quarantined as per the policy_evaluated section. I think the combination of SPF, DKIM and DMARC is what's filtering those e-mails, how exactly, I don't know. But it seems DMARC is not accepting the passing SPF and DKIM results from garena.com. Good! One thing I noticed is that garena.com's SPF record includes _spf.google.com, as does mine. I don't know if that's legit (meaning legitimate e-mail from them occasionally uses Google's servers) or an attempt to hijack a lot of Google-hosted e-mails. I'm more at ease now! 🙂
  7. I would think the same, but I can't think of anything else that'd be causing this. I went ahead and deleted the DNS zone in Hestia. Now, www.infantex.com.mx, instead of displaying the "Success! Web server is ready" page, I'm getting a too many redirects error (ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS). The curl output is similar to what you got: http points to https and https points to http. I don't know what's causing this or how to track who is redirectig what. 😞
  8. Thanks for your answer. It got me thinking... I initially used Hestia's DNS to setup my site, but some DNS records were not propagating even after several days (I don't remember if it was the SPF record or another one). I switched over to Cloudflare for DNS and the issue was resolved. However, the DNS zone is still set up in Hestia. I have not noticed any problems so far, but I don't know if this could cause the looping issue you see. I just deleted the www A record in Hestia, nothing changed in the curl output but it may be cached, will wait 'till tomorrow. I would ask you if it would be OK to completely delete the DNS zone in Hestia, but you already said you're not familiar with it. 🙂 Although Hestia should be just an interface to whatever service is providing the DNS.
  9. Hello. My site is hosted in a VPS, previously it was hosted in Tommy. Back when it was in Tommy, I could get to the site either by typing: "www.infantex.com.mx", or: "infantex.com.mx". Now, if I type: "infantex.com.mx", I can get to the site, but, if I type: "www.infantex.com.mx", i just get a: "Success! Your new web server is ready to use" page. My VPS was configured with Hestia CP, so I guess the success page is a default Nginx page. My DNS is setup in Cloudflare. I have an A record "www" pointing to my VPS's IP. From some evidence, I presume that previously, in Tommy, the "www" record was a CNAME one (I have an infantex.mx site still in Tommy and its www record is a CNAME record, so I'm extrapolating). However, I changed the www record from A to CNAME and pointed it to the root domain (infantex.com.mx) but it's still not working (after some hours after the change). Googling, I found that setting "Use always HTTPS" on in Cloudflare should correct this. Still no luck. I also found several script recommendations to solve this, not really a consensus. I don't know which file the script modifications refer to or where the files are/should be located (practically zero Linux or Sys Admin experience here). Also, I never did anything remotely like that when the site was hosted in Tommy (I would remember), it just worked. I checked the Hestia UI and found the Nginx configuration page. There are two versions: Basic and Advanced. In Basic, there's no evident option for www to non-www redirection. In Advanced, I can see the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file, but don't know how to begin modifying it. For example, one of the recommendations is to set different servers for www.infantex.com.mx and infantex.com.mx, like: server { server_name www.infantex.com.mx; return 301 ... } server { server_name infantex.com.mx; # real configuration goes here... } But the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf I see in Hestia CP has not a single server section (?). I can see there's an events and an http section. I could bracket everything in the file into a server{} and add another server{} with the return 301 but I wouldn't know what I would be doing and I'm more likely to break what's working. What should I do? Is it a question of DNS? Is it a question of Nginx configuration? Is it a matter of Hestia configuration? Something else? Regards,
  10. cPanel is not working (the license was revoked, as per the email that was sent to you). You need to use FTP. As for zerossl, try entering just: "popnow.heliohost.us" (without the: "https://" part).
  11. Just for your reference, I know I have DMARC and DKIM records set. I set them up in Cloudflare and checked them in dmarcanalyzer.com (about a month ago). For some reason (probably by design?), dig doesn't return DKIM and DMARC records, even though they're TXT records. I searched, and found that you have to use the following syntax to query for DKIM and DMARC records using dig: dig selector._domainkey.domain txt dig _dmarc.domain txt Tried it with my site and obtained the corresponding records. I still don't know how garena.com-originated emails are able to pass DKIM and SPF checks... Or I may be reading the DMARC report wrong. The auth_results section lists both DKIM and SPF tests as pass, but the policy_evaluated section (for the same record, if I'm reading correctly) lists them both as fail. I'm baffled! As for the ~all qualifier, since I don't know any better and it's the configuration recommended by Google (at least for beginners), I used it.
  12. What should I include? According to what I read, I already have all the necessary TXT records set up (SPF, DKIM and DMARC). Do you mean I would get the answer to my question by including something in some unspecified TXT record? (My question was how an e-mail originating from garena.com was able to pass my DKIM and SPF rules?) Regards,
  13. I checked the memory and I do have 2 GB, so I'm fine. Will the VPS be reverted to 1 GB of memory once the sale ends or do we get to keep the extra GB?
  14. I'm from the beautiful city of Guadalajara in Mexico.
  15. I already have a VPS (vps40), thanks. I was asking about a promo (?) for an extra GB in the VPSs. This is the post: But, upon checking the VPS offerings on your page, I see the Mercury configuration already lists 2 GB of memory as the standard offering, so I guess that's the amount of memory I have on my vps40. Regards,
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