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  1. Thanks for your help, @pctips. I now understand (kind of) that I was trying to set the PHP options for the domain, and I only had a "default" PHP template availabe for that). With your help, I was able to enable PHP 5.6 on the server and, afterwards, select a PHP 5.6 template for the domain. Voilรก! The contacto.php web page is now working, including the mini map! Clarification for you and @balloons regarding the domains: infantex.com.mx is the main, original site. It's just a static website that was hosted on Tommy (and previously on Ricky, and before that on Johnny, I don't remember). Mail for this domain is handled by Google Apps (now Google Worskspace?). A couple of years ago, I secured the infantex.mx domain name, and the only thing I did was to set it as an alias to infantex.com.mx in Tommy's cPanel (I think). I never got to adding emails, etc. I moved the domain infantex.com.mx to the VPS. I didn't do anything with infantex.mx, so I guess that's why it's still on Tommy (which means I don't really understand how aliases work) or because the Registrar's records for infantex.mx still points to heliohost.org's nameservers. So, yes: infantex.com.mx is on the VPS and infantex.mx is on Tommy (I guess this turned out to be kind of fortunate). Additionally, I have the zaldivar.mx domain that I only use for email (so that the family can have emails with our surname ๐Ÿ™‚). No website for this domain. Mail for this domain was serviced by Tommy (I still haven't been able to set the email for this domain correctly, I correct one thing and another stops working ๐Ÿ˜ฌ).
  2. I would love to see that guide. I don't have any experience with Linux nor a Linux desktop... but I have a quasi-brand-new Ubuntu with Hestia VPS (with HelioHost, of course!), so I do have a Linux box. I may put that guide to good use, I've been kind of struggling to set everything up OK, and would love to see some practical examples and tips.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion. Did that. PHP is working and the installed version is 7.4.21 (https://infantex.com.mx/info.php). I didn't really have doubts that PHP was working, all the pages are PHP files and only that one file is not working. But, with your suggestion, I used FTP to upload the info.php file to the mirror site hosted (still) by Tommy, and found out it's running PHP 5.4.45 (https://infantex.mx/info.php), which makes sense since this site was written in 2010, with only minor updates (that involved copying, pasting and modifying the code for the products page, when adding new products, or commenting them out when some were discontinued --- At some point I added a HotJar reference, and minor stuff like that). I didn't see an obvious way in Hestia to change the PHP version. Surely, when Tommy was upgraded to a newer PHP version years ago (?), I must have downgraded the version. I guess cPanel had a more obvious way to do that. I took a look in Hestia's manual, but the GUI section is seriously lacking. Up to now, I've been doing everything in the GUI. Do you know if I can use command-line instructions (there should be one to change PHP version) or would that conflict with the GUI's settings)? Zero experience with Linux here! I've had very little time to work on this, I'm kind of a one-man-orchestra when it comes to management of the business and I've been mostly engaged with end-of-month accounting stuff this week. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Regards,
  4. Hi, all. I've been trying to set up a VPS to use while Tommy is rebuilt. One of my sites has a contacto.php page that shows a: "This page is not working. The page infantex.com.mx is unable to process this request. HTTP ERROR 500": However, the same page, hosted by Tommy, partially works (it should show a Google map of the business location, I don't know when it started showing a blank rectangle instead). Oops! It doesn't show anymore on Tommy. I guess Tommy is finally down. [EDIT: Now it shows again, Seems Tommy was not definitively down yet.] I say: "it was working on Tommy" because a have another site: infantex.mx, which is an alias of the main one: infantex.com.mx (at least, I think that's how I set them up in Tommy's CPanel), and when I accessed the infantex.mx/contacto.php page, it showed, whilst infantex.com.mx/contacto.php resulted in the HTTP 500 ERROR shown above. Any idea why I'm getting this error 500 with the page? I did not program the page, neither do I program in PHP, but I could take a look at it if you helped me with your suggestions. In fact, the programming of the other pages may be substandard (or maybe just old). For example, the productos.php tried to generate thumbnails on the fly but the function that the programmer used stopped working a while ago and I just added hard-coded thumbnails (I guess Tommy's PHP version was updated?). Anyways, the script was creating a LOT of temporary files! I appreciate your help, specially with the non-working contacto.php page. Regards,
  5. What I ended up doing was using Cloudflare for DNS. I had to temporally revert the DNS at my Registrar's to ns1 and ns2.heliohost.org, so that I could add it to Cloudflare. I set the SPF (actually a TXT record properly formatted for SPF: v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ~all). Around 15 minutes after that, it began to propagate, as per WhatsMyDNS.net results (when I did the same in Hestia it NEVER propagated). A couple of hours later, I tested with dmarcanalyzer.com's SPF record check tool and got a passing result. As I final test, I programmed an email to be sent tomorrow during working hours to the same customer that blocked me in the first place. Hopefully, it won't be blocked this time. I don't know why the SPF record didn't propagate from my VPS.
  6. For webmail, try webmail.mydomain.lu and/or mail.mydomain.lu. The reason for this is that Hestia should have configured A DNS records for mail and webmail to your VPS's IP. For the other things you're asking, sorry, no idea. I don't even know what awstats are. ๐Ÿ™‚ One question for you: How did you change the ssh port? I would also like to do that (new VPS with Hestia, still struggling to set it up). Regards,
  7. Thanks for your answer. There was an SPF record in Hestia, paired to the VPS's IP, I changed it to "v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ~all" as per Google's instructions (instructions didn't include the quote marks, the existing record had them, I left them there ๐Ÿ˜ฌ). I'll let the change propagate for a while and test again later.
  8. Hi, everybody. First, I don't know whether this problem is related to the move, especially since the mail from my domain is managed by Google Workspaces, but it just started after the move yesterday. Today I was blocked by a client I has been corresponding with for years. This is the return message I received: It translates to: The message has been blocked. Your message to dguerrero@elnuevomundo.com has been blocked. For more information see the following technical data: This is the response from the remote server: 550 permanent failure... I sent an email to M@ilGenius to check for problems (first email spam test I found googling) and the problem seems to be the SPF records: Here's the detail: I use my personal Gmail account to send (and read) my infantex.com.mx's mail (via smtp.gmail.com). Nothing has changed there. I mean, the only change from yesterday is that the infantex.com.mx domain was previously hosted on Tommy and as of yesterday night I moved it to my HelioHost VPS. I use Hestia control panel, I didn't select "enable email" when creating the domain and I set the corresponding MX records in the DNS zone to point to the relevant Google servers (ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM, and such). Any ideas? Would it help to diagnose the problem if Iposted the raw email content?
  9. What I did, as per @wolstech suggestion, was to add, at my registrar, my own site as DNS. As you mention, my registrar required that the DNS be a domain, so I entered: "ns1.infantex.com.mx" (infantex.com.mx is my domain). I guess the registrar detected I was using my own domain as DNS and enabled a field where I could enter the VPS's IP (@wolstech referred to this as "glue"). Try it, it should work. EDIT: I forgot, you need two DNSs. I don't know if you could enter ns1. and ns2.yourdomain.com, both with the same IP. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or use some third-party DNS as the second one (Cloudfare, ClouDNS, ...). I haven't used them.
  10. Could it be possible that, when the accounts in Tommy get restored from backup, once Plesk is installed and configured, my backup be restored to an account named infantex instead of infantx. I had to use the later because I changed servers and, so, there already existed an infantex account in the forums. Thanks,
  11. I also didn't receive the backup email. I don't remember whether the registered email for my account (infantx on Tommy, sadly without the "e") is from Hotmail or Gmail, but I checked the spam folders of both and it wasn't there either. Neither did I receive a notification of the problems with cPanel. I tried to log in during the weekend just to keep my account alive and landed on the "Thanks for all the fish" post. By the way, I do receive the inactivity alert emails. Regards,
  12. Thanks for your answer, @wolstech. OK, will do that. Earlier, a few hours after setting the DNS to my VPS's IP, I was able to access mail.zaldivar.mx and log in with one of the mail accounts I created, yes! Just as a note, if I used webmail.zaldivar.mx, I still received the "Service unavailable" error page. After some time, webmail was also working. Now, I've added the ns1 A record and deleted the NS records pointing to HelioHost's name servers. I couldn't delete both because I got an error message stating I'd to have at least one NS record, so I edited it to point to ns1.zaldivar.mx. I hope I'm not creating a circular reference. NEW PROBLEM: I want to read my zaldivar.mx mail from Gmail. When hosted in Tommy, I used POP3 with SSL on port 995 to get it into Gmail. But now, on the Edit Mail Account page in Hestia there's only configuration information for IMAP and SMTP, not POP3. Also there's no option for SSL, only STARTTLS (I must confess I didn't add SSL to the domain when I first created it, I was confused about the offered options - Use Lets Encrypt, Enable HTTPS redirection, Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security - I didn't know what those meant, I added it later - and activated both three options - but still, no SSL option - or POP3 - shows in the email account configuration page). Should I start a new thread for this new question? EDIT: I found out that you need to activate SSL for the MAIL domain, not (just?) for the (plain/general?) domain. I'll see tomorrow if that worked because, right now, Hestia seems to be frozen, it's been several minutes since I pushed the Save button and I'm still waiting for it to react (it's been slower tonight than this morning but now it's frozen -- the VPS is responsive in the SSH session though, so it's not offline, who knows!)
  13. When I try to do that, I get the following error from my registrar: "Invalid domain type: 197" (that's a translation, the actual error message is in Spanish). I tried adding the extra trailing dot ( but got the same error. ๐Ÿ˜ž EDIT: I contacted Akky.mx to ask them how to enter an IP as DNS. I was told to enter "ns1.zaldivar.mx" as DNS, and a field was enabled so I could enter the corresponding IP. Good. QUESTION; Do I need to set an NS1 record of type A (in Hestia) that points to my VPS's IP? (Because I used ns1.zaldivar.mx as DNS.) ALSO: Do I need to delete the @ reccords of type NS that point to HelioHost's servers?
  14. Thanks for your help. I don't know either (why nameservers are involved. @balloons said that zaldivar.mx still pointed to Tommy, and then went on to say that nameservers needed to be managed by the VPS and/or another provider, not by HelioHost. My domain provider is akky.mx. As I told before, I have very limited experience with setting up servers. That's why I took the recommendation from @Krydos to have my VPS set up with Hestia control panel. Hestia set up a DNS zone with the corresponding records. This is the result: There's the A record pointing to my VPS's IP you mention. There's also an MX record that points to mail.zaldivar.mx, also as you say. And there's an A mail record that points to the VPS's IP. So everything seems to be set up correctly. But still, not working. I don't see an option in Hestia to check error logs, I'll try and find out. In the meantime, I'll change the NS records Hestia set as heliohost.us to heliohost.org, don't know if this will make any difference. When I changed the DNS in my domain provider to the ones ending in .us the effect was that the dig command (whatever that is), instead of returning as zaldivar.mx's IP now has no ANSWER section (!?). EDIT: I found out how to access error logs, but they're empty! (The access log is also empty.)
  15. Sorry, I didn't understand your answer at all. My fault, I'm not a sysadmin or anything. When you say: "In this case, one of the name servers is set to VPS", do you mean: "Right now, as it is, one of the NS is set to VPS", in other words, something I did set the NS to the VPS and I shouldn't have done that. Or do you mean: "One of the NS should be set to the VPS". If that's the case, how should I do that. Then, when you say: "Name server registration required". How should I do that? And then, "you'll need a slave server, [dns.he.net] can [...] be used as a slave". Well, I take I'll need to get an account with them (paid, free?) and figure out how to set a slave server but... if there's a slave, there should be a master, what would the master need to be and how do I set it up? Question: HelioHost's name server's can't be used with HelioHost's VPSs? Another question: Are HelioHost name servers ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org or ns1.heliohost.us and ns2.heliohost.us? A little background so you can see where I'm coming from: I have an account in Tommy with two domains. One of the domains (the one I'm trying to configure right now, zaldivar.mx) is only used for email, so there can be addresses like jorge@zaldivar.mx, and so on. Just that. In Tommy, as far as I remember, I just had to add the accounts (name and password) and set (or not) a quota, and that was all. The only other thing I had to do was set the DNS for zaldivar.mx to ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org in the site I adquired the domain from (akky.mx, is that called a "Registry", it's the official site in Mexico for domain registration). That's (almost) all I know about email server setting. I said "almost" because the other thing I know (also from my experience with HelioHost) is to set MX records for when the email was not managed by Tommy (my other domain, infantex.com.mx, has it's email handled by Google Apps). Regards,
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