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  1. I thank i realy am what i am im just not certain what that is.!!!
  2. For sure... an incarceration can be necessary for the benefit of society as a whole... but all to often incarceration amounts to little more than punishment insted of rehabilitation.!!!
  3. As far as Inside or outside... it dont mater whare the influences are from... or even if you ant conscious of certain influences such as hormonal changes... influences are continuous... an continuously pushin you (the fight as you call it) toward the choices you eventualy make... choices which are based on the groop of influences that was the strongest at the time.!!!
  4. Yep... not even the soul... the last bastion for evidence of free will... goes belly up.!!!
  5. Does the soul also make choices that are not influenced by genes... environment... God or Satan.???
  6. oK... so is the mind... will an emotions (the soul) influenced by genes... environment... God an Satan.???
  7. So what do you thank the entity is thats bein influenced by genes... enviroment... God an Satan... a soul assigned/givin to each body.???
  8. As ive said... i thank "we" are nuthin more than biological machines (which brangs us more to the topic of this thred "Hay are you real")... i dont thank ther is a "I" "me" "you"... i thank that notion is meerly an illusion which manifested as consciousness evolved.!!! So what do you thank ther is besides genes/environment that influence our choices.???
  9. My genes/environment influence me... what else is ther.???
  10. Good queston grasshopper... but no... everbody makes choices... nobody makes free choices (uninfluenced choices).!!!
  11. Nah... i druther be wit all the frinds an family i care most about
  12. Yes... eternal damnation IS a very bad thang ... an yet... hells gonna be overflowin wit people who chose it... rather than to be in heaven wit God
  13. O well... in the meantime... enjoy life as much as possible
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