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  1. Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderfull World
  2. The lovefreaks -Shine lol where did that come from
  3. hehe I'm back again was waay to busy with school stuff etc :/ where did my helions go to???
  4. happy newyear all want to wish you all a nice year full of love etc
  5. Hello all, I made a new sig...it has a graffiti look. It's still not finished though What do you think of it?? and if you have any suggestions to improve it please post
  6. aaah well horror is horror, they all good
  7. Aragorn Putting your appointed path ahead of any inner conflicts, you make your own rules for the benefit of all. If my life or death I can protect you, I will. Lol thats cool ^^
  8. Desperro

    New Rule

    why u all wanna be mod?? Just post and have fun ^^
  9. w00w this is some good stuff...is that easy to fix?? then i might search for that prog
  10. aah well...he still is right..Photoshop roxxors
  11. omg most sites (offers) arent working up here :/
  12. aah well...ringu was nice yeah...but no real cuttin and sliceing
  13. Yesterday, when I had nothing to do for once I went to video rental to rent the DVD "SAW" Duude that movie is sick, didn't know people could be so sick to develop such movies ^^ Anyone else seen it?
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