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  1. I've created my new account. But when i go to koyal142.heliohost.org Googlechrome says: Oops! Google Chrome could not find koyal142.heliohost.org When i check the status on http://www.heliohost.org/scripts/status.ph...ername=koyal142 it says: Either we could not find that account in the database, or it has already become active. If you're seeing an "Account Queued" page, please wait an additional 24 hours. If you aren't seeing anything, please refresh your browser's cache. I can acces the cPanel via: http://stevie.heliohost.org:2082/frontend/x3/index.html i already deleted my cache, and refreshed al the time with CTRL+F5.. I do == "Which operating system you are using? if windows,open cmd and type "ipconfig /flushdns" " What do i need to do now? Greetings, koyal142 Username: koyal142 Domain: koyal142.heliohost.org
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