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  1. You make a fair point, Krydos. I was of course not referring to the amount of complaints about HelioHost but more to the activity of the community as a whole. Back then, there were many active topics (multiple new posts every day) about various interesting topics, generally not directly related to HelioHost. That seems to be largely gone now. With the free hosting market having changed so much in the last few years (mostly due to the influence of low cost reseller offers polluting the market with all very similar service), I'm quite surprised HelioHost is doing so well.
  2. Just over a year after my last update (happy 2014 everyone!) I've updated the list again, this time with a few new providers and domains, as well as a fairly complete list of all active Interdots subsidiaries I could find. I myself do not frequent this forum anymore but it saddens me to see this forum is a lot more quiet than 2 years ago when I still visited this forum daily. In the mean time, I have grown to owning both my own free hosting company as well as working for possibly the world's largest free hosting provider.
  3. The other server, Stevie is the stable server. Stevie is faster and much more reliable than Johnny. Johnny is good for people looking to run fancy scripts, not those who just want stable hosting for normal PHP sites.
  4. It's not up to me to say, but most hosting companies don't really appreciate scripts running all day, even being able to run non-website software is rare. Again, it's not my call but I think you'll need your own server or VPS.
  5. Piwik and Google Analytics can give you much more statistics and are much easier to set up. And both are free.
  6. If you are just starting as a web hosting provider, it might be preferable to start with reseller hosting. That's much cheaper and easier than managing your own servers at the cost of flexibility. There are even some free reseller programmes.
  7. I love Linux. I personally use Ubuntu, mainly because of it's delightful Unity shell. And I don't care Ubuntu includes "non-free" software because I'm not going to rewrite it myself. And yes, I can't test in IE but so what? I make sites for good browsers so I don't need to test it on IE. The only complaint I have about Linux is that I haven't found a shell which properly supports 2 displays. All shells so far either slow my PC to a crawl or simply don't work at all when I have 2 displays plugged in. Also Linux lacks proper video editing tools.
  8. I have completely switched over to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is faster, safer and less restrictive than Windows. I got sick of the fact that Windows required you to download an executable from some shady website to do some basic tasks, while you could just use sudo commands to do the same in Linux-based operating systems (safe and easy).
  9. My account i7gren has been suspended a while ago, most likely for inactivity. I would like to reactivate it so I can start using it again. Username: i7gren Domain: i7grendel.heliohost.org Server: Stevie
  10. This is not about the users on your website. This is about the Database Users. Do multiple database users have access to the database? If yes, try to restric that. Otherwise, I don't know what would cause this.
  11. Why does everyone think it is a scam when it's free? Have your ever checked any Advertising company, like Adsense or Adfly? Their service is free, because they earn money with ads and give you a cut. Paying to advertise doesn't make sense. Then you'd have to pay to show their ads. That'd be insane.
  12. You could make it with any text editor, and you can even use the Text Editor you find in the File Manager in cPanel. Then you need to create a file called index.php and save it in the public_html folder. Then your site will show it when you visit the address, asuming you don't have another index file (like index.html or index.htm). Have you looked for any tutorials on how to begin a website? You seems to be rather new to it.
  13. I doubt you can run an IRC bot on the Heliohost servers. I believe it is an application that needs to be installed with root permissions. You won't get that on any free host, because it is a massive security risk, not to mention the exorbitant amount of resource usage. The same goes for the SSH server. If cPanel includes an SSH console, you can use that. Otherwise, you cannot use SSH. One of my friends needed an IRC bot, and in the end he bought a small VPS to host it. You'll probably need that too.
  14. If you use Javascript to access a database, wouldn't you need to put the Database Login information in the script? If that's the case, a JS login is a humongous security problem.
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