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  1. How do you make "Dynamic Images", like the server-load .jpg Helio uses?
  2. And what about FTP file managers like net2ftp? Will those files take up your bandwidth?
  3. I use Cloudflare to protect and speed up my website. The only drawback is that I can't properly log my users IPs. Cloudflare provides a way to bypass that, but it requires some unusual actions: Will I be able to do all this?
  4. No, a seemingly endless quest which has not beared any fruit it what causes unhappiness. You will feel like you have failed, especially against the one who just enjoy the moment and achieve happiness in that way. A search or chase is the last thing you need.
  5. i7Grendel

    Power Failure

    You'd expect a proper datacenter to have a backup power generator. That could have prevented all of this.
  6. i7Grendel

    Many hits

    Ever since I'm using HelioHost, my site gets an insane amount of hits. Does this have anything to do with your hosting, or have I suddenly become "famous" (or ballzed something up myself).
  7. If you want a recommendation for a third party service, I say Cloudflare. It propagates fast, it has a simple user interface and an unique proxy system to decrease processor load and bandwidth, and improve security.
  8. Ah, the .heliohost.org domain is up again. Bit of a crashy DNS I suppose? But it's M. My mobile site, http://m.i7grendel.tk/, is queued. It's a problem with the server and/or cPanel. DNS records have propagated, the script has fired up (although not as hoped), so the problem is out of my hands for as far as I can see. Is there something I can do to fix it?
  9. The ultimate goal of an individual is happiness (so kudos to mikenyc). This may be achieved through wealth (unlikely), love and friendship (likely) or power (unlikely). The odd thing about it is: the harder you work to find it, the less likely it is you're going to find it. That's why you shouldn't pursue it, but just savor the moment. Enjoy life. Enjoy friends. Enjoy love. Enjoy. ---dramatic pause---
  10. The thing is: everything needs a beginning. The Universe began with a bang (a Big Bang, actually). The tree fell because it was blown over by the wind. The wind blowed because pressure zones moved. Etcetera. I'm not a believer, so I don't know what kind of being a god is, but if it thinks and behaves in any way like a human, it must have come to being once. Hassan said earlier "the creator isn't created himself, because it is the creator" (more or less). But that's just thinking in circles. The creator is the creator because it is the creator. What proof? What message? A story written by a "prophet" who happened to be forging an empire at the same time?* Bible, Quran, it's all the same. They call it the book of God, but like all books, it's written by men. *= Fact: Religions work great to keep totalitarian regimes in place. "If you stay calm and don't rise up against your harsh leader, you will be with God after you die! If not, you will be doomed for all eternity!" This fear is key to preserving an otherwise clearly unsuccessful political situation. The Islam is the perfect example: The one who made it up, he who called himself "Prophet of the Islam, Prophet of Allah", was building the base of a huge empire. He made up the Islam to tightly weave all the small tribes together. Catholicism worked the same way in the Middle Ages. Only after "scientists" of the time started to look to the old, successful civilizations in stead of the Bible, free will and technological development flourished.
  11. Darn, I still can't use Google+ because I put my real age (17) on my account and they apparently don't allow minors to use their service.
  12. My primary domain, http://i7grendel.tk/, works fine. My "main domain", http://i7grendel.heliohost.org/, has some kind of "can't find server" error (DNS?). I just created a subdomain, http://m.i7grendel.tk/ (mobile version of my site, also visible at http://i7grendel.tk/wap2/), which gives me the error my "account is queued". This seems a bit unusual, so is there a way it can be fixed?
  13. If you don't use all the Java stuff etcetera, you can still be on Johnny. It may just be a bit more unstable (even though Stevie hasn't been too reliable in my opinion). If you experience an insane amount of downtime and errors, post a server move request in the designated forums.
  14. I've checked the default index.php of my CMS, and found it relatively safe to exchange it with a redirect PHP, which is what I have now. I would prefer the .htaccess way, if at all possible, but I haven't been able to do so. And I don't trust .tk because of this: http://dottkscam.blogspot.com/2010/02/dot-...m-stealing.html. My site gets a lot of traffic the last few days (10k in a week, for no apparent reason, on a site which is just a personal blog), so I wouldn't be that surprised if my site showed up at Sedo in a few weeks. So, if you want to help: tell me what to do with the .htaccess, because I know of the HTML/JS and PHP redirects.
  15. As I've stated in my first post: i7grendel.heliohost.org is my main domain, but you can't use my website if you try to login from that domain, because it only allows logins from (the parked) i7grendel.tk domain. That's why I need to redirect i7grendel.heliohost.org to i7grendel.tk. Either that, or change my main domain, but I don't trust .tk well enough for that.
  16. Well, I've tried to do the .htaccess way, but it caused my site to go 500 for as long as I used that file. My default index.php pulled the starting page (in my case: news.php) from the database and redirected to that. I was unable to make it so it would work properly with the database, so I took the simple php redirect way. This will work fine until I change my default starting page. Here is my .htaccess (copied to notepad), to check for conflicts with cl58's script. htaccess.txt Oh, and if anyone could rewrite my index.php to get the main page from my database, that would be very appreciated as well. index.php
  17. I'm afraid they'll block .tk and .co.tv as well in the coming weeks. This is going to get very interesting.
  18. Wait, I just found out I got a 500 because of an apparently misconfigured .htaccess (with code cl58 gave me!). Now let's see if we can find anything out when it happens again.
  19. But I don't use the file manager, I connect with a local FTP client. Could that break the website as well? I'll have to test that.
  20. Stevie is having some problems lately with Internal Server Errors. These seam to be at random moments, and from what I've seen, it's a server side issue. Does my code do something horribly wrong, or is it a problem with your server. If so, please fix it.
  21. 1. The reason for something new to come to being, is some kind of mutation. An anomaly. No infinite being is necessary to do something like that. 2. Even if there is an ultimate being, how do you know it is the one you call a god. Why does it have to be God, Allah, or some other divine being. Why can't it be a flying spaghetti monster? Why doesn't it show itself even though so many people pray for it? "The Creator" and your "God" don't necessarily have to be the same. ---Space for future atheistic jokes---
  22. Well, it is made by the folks of .cz.cc, and their subdomain service makes money by letting people pay for dictionary-name-domains (like hosting.free). Besides, I would want to have hosting.free be owned by someone who offers free hosting (hence the name), but that's not my call.
  23. My "main domain" in cPanel is i7grendel.heliohost.org. My actual primary domain is i7grendel.tk. The site I host is build so the login form only works properly if you log in from i7grendel.tk. Is there a way I can make i7grendel.heliohost.org automatically redirect to i7grendel.tk? (so it will show i7grendel.tk in the URL bar as well). Or is there a way I can change my main domain to i7grendel.tk, and circumvent the issue in that way.
  24. Or use .cu.cc, which is another free subdomain, but one which is less popular, and so many names are still available. I prefer .cu.cc over .co.cc because .cu.cc shows up in Google, and I prefer it over .cz.cc because .cu.cc doesn't look like a Czech domain. But in my opinion, it still doesn't match .tk.
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