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  1. Hi, I'm i7 Grendel, and I'm a 17 year old man from the Netherlands. In my spare time, I play video games (PC) and work on my website. I'm making a website without a specific goal in mind, except for gathering the knowledge and resources to be able to quickly set up the "perfect" website, when the need arises. Currently, it is not much more than a blog with additional functions. So far, I'm impressed with HelioHost. They have fast servers, cPanel, a lot of "Unlimiteds". If they fix the downtime issue, they are the perfect webhost.
  2. Dot Free, the folks behind the .cz.cc free "domain", are busy with a project to create the .free extension. A new TLD which will be available to everyone for free (hence the name). This seems like a great idea. A short domain which is less tricky then .tk, even though it looks a bit cheap. The domains aren't online yet, but you can preregister your domain at http://dotfree.com. I am really excited, and have already put back i7grendel.free for myself. What do you think?
  3. Another Dutchy (or something, from the Netherlands anyway) here!
  4. Scam people. +1 to you! Psychics are almost just as evil as 000webhost!
  5. Yes, you did do something wrong. First, make an account. Second, add a new domain, and be sure to hit the "Use DNS for this domain", after which it will ask for additional information. If you do, it will allow you to use either their DNS (not recommendable), or add your own Nameservers.
  6. Well, Stevie has not been particularly reliable the last 18 hours. 58 outages, with a total duration of 1 hour and 25 minutes, according to Pingdom. And my acount is still queued, but I just registered it 18 hours ago, so it makes sense.
  7. It's not like you MUST use their affiliate program (or Ambassador Program as they call it) to get a domain. I like their domains, but I wouldn't recommend using their nameservers.
  8. As the title says, are they a good company offering free services for everyone, or do they aim to put our privacy to shame (or take over the world for that matter).
  9. The reason I quit 000webhost.com was because they showed an ugly database connection error, even though the connection (and so my entire site) worked fine. And they claim their affiliate program is outsourced, so I don't give them the entire blame for the scammy affiliate program. Besides, I wouldn't use any webhost for plain file storage. I prefer to use an actual file storage service, like Dropbox or Mediafire. Mediafire to share a lot of files with a lot of people, Dropbox to store and backup personal files. Both services have decent speed and storage, and no downtime.
  10. I liked Chrome from the moment a proper version was released but Firefox was always a close runner-up, and every time a new version of FF came out I couldn't sleep the following night. But recently I read an article in a PC magazine about what Google stores on their servers. In short: more than I'd like. That's why I returned to good ol' Firefox, for the sake of my privacy.
  11. I like PHP-Fusion. It has a good forum, downloads pages, news pages and a lot more good stuff out of the box. And there are a lot of extensions available. And I like the way it looks.
  12. I'm all Android. In fact, I'm typing this on my Android phone right now!
  13. There is also .cu.cc which is again like co.cc, but my personal preference is .tk because it is the only free second level domain. If this host turns out to be good, I'm going to put i7grendel.tk (which is now at x10) here as my primary website. Oh, and although .cz.cc is not limited to residents of the Czech Republic, I would only recommend it if you or your website have anything to do with that country. It's like .co.tv for that matter. People start to make connections when they see the domain, so make sure they are right.
  14. I'm all Windows. You may call it crappy, noobish or whatever, but I use Windows 7 for one very important reason: Video Games. I'm a PC Gamer, and so I'm "stuck" with Windows because a huge majority of home computer games only work on Windows. 7 suits me well and I can play just about every new game released for PC.
  15. Sorry, turned out I just had to wait a little bit longer. Sorry for wasting your time.
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