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  1. Thanks to HelioHost team for their effort🙂
  2. Hi. I deployed on my account bfpswrm (on Johnny) a web application (bfpswrm_giochi.war) which uses AngularJS. I have installed it from my control panel, among softaculous apps. The problem is that it seems not to work: no AngularJS directive is processed. Can you explain me how to make it work? Thank you
  3. Ok, thank you. Can you tell me how can I install Angular by myself without using Softaculous?
  4. Hi. I installed Angular library in my account (bfpswrm on Johnny) from Softaculous. I've tried to deploy a basic app but it doesn't work.I realized that when I download Angular, the version installed is 8.0.6, but the version in Softaculous is 1.7.9. Is it possible to upgrade the Softaculous version? Thank you
  5. Hi. I've found the problem. My site needs the Calendar php extension. Can you enable it for me? Thank you
  6. Hi. I'd like to know if there is a limit for a php application to upload a file and, if present, if it is customizable. Thank you
  7. Hi Krydos. I didn't install anything on Johnny by myself, so I don't know if before there was something installed that I used. How can I find it? The calendar that is not showing is a very simple html table which is created by looping over the days of a single month, searching for each day in a MySQL table if there are meetings for that day. Perhaps also MySQL has changed?
  8. Hi Krydos. I tried to switch back to PHP5.6, the page appears but something does not work correctly (a calendar should appear, but it doesn't). Should I do something else? Thanks
  9. Hi. I'm bfpswrm on Johnny. After the new server was up I can't connect with the applications I've deployed. If I try to reach, for example, "http://bfpswrm.heliohost.org/coro12/" I get a blank page. CPanel says that a certificate has expired on February, but I was able to connect to the site till Johnny was moved. I don't think is a certificate problem, seems like it's related to the new Johnny... Can you help me? Thanks
  10. I did, it told me to refresh periodically the page and within two minutes the message disappeared, but seemed like it had done nothing. I'll wait the time you suggest for your deploy. Thank you
  11. But how should I address to it? If I try with http://bfpswrm.heliohost.org/bfpswrm_WebRE/ I get an HTTP404; I removed the WebRE.war file with FileZilla, but when I upload bfpswrm_WebRE.war I get the message "Deployed." with besides the link to http://bfpswrm.heliohost.org/WebRE/, which has the referred problem wher I try to click the button on the login page. What's the problem? Thank you
  12. Ok, I had to refresh the page after the upload
  13. Thank you. I uploaded the file bfpswrm_WebRE.war, but when I try to select it from the combobox in the Java area of my cPanel I see only the old war (WebRE); if I connect with FileZilla the files are both present. What is the problem? Thanks
  14. Hi. I have a web app (WebRE on johnny) which uses struts. I connect correctly to http://bfpswrm.heliohost.org/WebRE. In my login page, if I move the mouse over the html:submit button, I see this string: http://bfpswrm.heliohost.org/bfpswrm_WebRE/... Why the "bfpswrm_" before the crrect path "WebRE"? Obviously wher I click the button I get an HTTP404 error. Can you help me? Thank you
  15. Hi. I have my account bfpsw on Johnny. Can you please move it to Ricky? Thanks
  16. I'm on Johnny, and I obviously know all the problems related. As I saw in other posts that other users had their IP address changed, I wanted to know if it was possible. I think that an answer can only come from the staff members. Thanks
  17. Hi. I try to reach my site bfpsw.heliohost.org, but it is unreacheable. Can you do something? Thanks
  18. Hi Wolstech. Did you changed my IP address? I had no news and my site is still down... Thanks
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