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  1. I think the username and the password for the database is changed or the database does not exist, try to reinstall Drupal.
  2. I recommend you to check whether the connection to MySQL is working properly and please post your domain name and server so Admin's can take a look at it. Please post how you are making the mysqlconnect.
  3. @kisni I am able access all the folders, except the cgi-bin ( no permission that is normal). Check now.
  4. I think the redirect rules of your root domain is interfering with the redirect rule in the addon Domain, As far as i have seen the rules set in .htaccess of your main domain will take effect in the addon domain also because it is a sub-folder in the directory, you need to write another set of rules to it to make it work properly.
  5. I think my account was disabled as i didn't logged into the cpanel for more than a month. I know the domain is not pointing to heliohost servers, I changed it to a VPS after my blog started demanding more resources. Thank you
  6. Heliohost Username : techsm server : Stevie main domain : techstream.org Sorry Admins, I was a little busy for last few months due to my university work, hasn't been able to login to account and also hasn't been able to help other helohost uses for last year or so I think I have quiet enough time to do that now, will start my contribution.
  7. It looks like you account is active, @johnTye please wait for some admins to take a look at it take necessary decision at the earliest. Welcome to Heliohost and Helionet Community.
  8. its working fine stephanrkhd i think its some problem with your browser or internet. Works fine now.
  9. @snagon i think the current version of linux is a completely modified version by Djbob which has the required features that prevents excess usage, and changing to that will need a lot of pain staking task, don't know whether he agrees with that or not. Any way that ia a great suggestion.
  10. Thank you ICE IT SUPPORT i know i will be over loading the server as i was getting a lot of hits, my new paid hosting account is under process will move in 2 days, sorry other helio users.
  11. Server: Stevie Domain: techstream.org cPanel username: techsm I Think i took up too much load on server since i left out to close mysql connection
  12. Var - (260 MB) ,tmp(48 MB) and root folder (85 MB) is running out space, the MySQL server is down can the admins have a check at these.
  13. You can delete it your self from the delete script , and wait for 24 hours and if you find further problems post it here. and @decs welcome to the helionet community.
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