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  1. Thanks, it's working now. The site I was referring to is weebuild.heliohost.org. It's working now.
  2. I suggest .tk. It is short and easier, and it is a TLD (for Tokelau). You can get one at: www.dot.tk If you don't like this type of domain, I suggest .cz.cc or .cu.cc.
  3. I'm getting this error again: I'm on Stevie and my username is 'pjphost'
  4. I'm on Stevie and I'm getting this error too. Also when I try to open phpMyAdmin, I am getting the error that Kli is getting:
  5. Okay, it has been down all day today now. What's wrong with Stevie? Maybe, as xwinuser has said, adding another server or something would really help. But I know that won't happen, but if it was possible that would probably really balance out everything. Also how much sites are hosted on Stevie? It seems like a lot to be down so much. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I probably could have gotten loads of stuff done today on my PHP application that I'm making if it wasn't down. Good luck guys on getting Stevie back up and running.
  6. I'm wondering, what server is down the most often: Stevie or Johnny? It seems like (lately) Stevie has been down more than Johnny, but I don't know because I'm not on Johnny. So what is actually down the most?
  7. Anyone know when Stevie will be back up? It has been down since last night
  8. It's been down for quite a while now. I do hope Stevie will be up soon. Good luck to the HelioHost team! I agree with Bill (@animove), you guys all rock! Edit: It's back up! Thanks HelioHost!
  9. Yeah, I'm gonna start closing them. They do close by themselves at the end of the page, but I think closing them sooner would be much better as it is only getting some info from the database, putting the info into variables, and that's it, so closing it after would be better, because if it closes it at the end, it is a longer-open connection. Also, the manual says: But, once again, closing it before the end of the page is probably better.
  10. I've heard that closing MySQL connections isn't required. They automatically close at the end of the page. But, I'll try closing all them manually with mysql_close(). Thanks It is odd that it wasn't happening before, though...
  11. Yeah, it isn't right away. It only happens after I click around and stuff.
  12. Hi I keep getting this error: It used to never do this. What could be happening? This is the code of 'connection.php': <?php $username = "username_here"; $password = "password_here"; $con = mysql_connect("localhost",$username,$password); if (!$con) { die('<br /><br /><strong style="font-family: arial;">Could not connect to the database: ' . mysql_error() . '</strong>'); } ?> Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Does that mean you do not use a browser that does not refresh? Do not rely on a website to do your bidding rely on yourself! Rely on websites and you have given up control. If Refresh is what you really want use Opera. All other browsers for web development are still learning. That includes Chrome. What I meant is going to all of these different pages and stuff to reply... Ajax makes it a lot faster and easier. And, I only use webkit based browsers like Chrome
  14. I don't know why Stevie has been down so long, I'm mad too. What's wrong with Ajax? Ajax is a lot better than doing a bunch of page refreshing. It is a lot faster. The old version was horrible compared to this one.
  15. Who is causing these downtimes? Whoever is taking up a lot of the server resources I think should be banned... they're harming everyone's sites. It seems like Stevie has been going down more than Johnny (is that true, or is Johnny worst?) This AJAX board is a lot better than the old one. The AJAX makes it a lot easier to use and faster. I love the notification and message box at the top and how there's a much better loading indicator now. Also, AJAX has nothing to do with Flash, if you didn't know
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