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  1. File removed. I've been using the file for a while and it seems to work with no trouble for me but i'll remove it anyway since it doesn't have to be there. Thank you for your quick response
  2. Heliohost username: bigpig Server: johnny Heliohost subdomain: brickhouse.heliohost.org I don't know why i was suspended. Can you please check and reactivate it if possible? Thanks
  3. Filezilla. No, not tried another client . i'll try that
  4. .org doesn't work either. That was a mistype on my part. Sorry about that.
  5. Eh, That's a file i use to play with my sis because we have 1 account and we dont like being called 'player' BTW, I'm using: Host: ftp.brickhouse.heliohost.net Username: bigpig Password: My cpanel password Port: Left blank Any ideas?
  6. No, Still doesn't work for me. The strikethrough meant i got the answer to whether my FTP password would change if i changed my cpanel pass.
  7. Username: bigpig brickhouse.heliohost.org My account did get suspended for being inactive for a while. I don't know whether i've successfully accessed the FTP since then. Also, If i change my cpanel password, Will my main FTP account password change too?Yes
  8. Shell exec is a PHP function through which you can execute shell commands. I think the Shell is a part of the OS. So if you have shell access, You can do a lot with it. That's why it's disabled Even if it were possible to use byethost for PHP and helihost for everything else, Byethost ToS probably require you to have a website with a whole website that gets a few hits. They won't like you using them just for a few scripts.
  9. Well the second error is probably directly linked to the first since he can't find the table if he isn't connected. Remember to create the MySQL user in CPanel AND grant him all the necessary priveleges to the phpBB database.
  10. I'm a bit new to managing websites so i don't really know much about importing stuff so can i ask you what you're trying to do? Are you running a PHPBB forum? The config.php that your link helps you make is for PHPBB forums. I don't think you need to 'import' the config.php file into mysql. Most systems use the config.php file to save the users configuration ( as the name would suggest ) and get that into their scripts using an include. The file just sits there and is included everytime a PHPBB forum script runs. As for remote mysql, You'll have to enable that in Cpanel if you haven't done that yet ( Not that it has anything to do with the problem at hand )
  11. Don't upgrade to IPB 3.3.0 either. It has some horrible bugs.
  12. Yes That's what supposed to happen Don't visit your website through the long address, Visit it through the short address.
  13. It will show the shorter domain. Try refreshing the page or clearing your cache, The queued page often gets cached and shows even when it's ready. If you give us a link to the new domain, We can try the link for you.
  14. If it's a 404, It means the file doesn't exist. Check the path and filename.
  15. I entered my general domain but i've got a lot of stuff hosted on there. Should i specify which my entry is?
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