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  1. i change my php editor and know i dont have problem thank from all of you. I love heliohost
  2. When time is 21 O'clock in my country My server shows the time 9:30 AM I Want to set my server time zone to GMT +3:30 Can some one do this for me or tell to me how i can do this?
  3. file test2.php that you make shows question mark too farachat.tk/test2.php
  4. ok.but how i can remove this U+EFFF charachter?
  5. my server is johnny.heliohost.org hey the speed of this server is slow some time i hope its under DDoS attack
  6. <p>i try this instruction and use from meta tags in my webpage but i have problem yet. when i upload my php files on other hosts i dont have any problem and they work is successfull, But when upload them on the my free host from HelioHost it replace all of persian charachters with ?(question mark) also just php have this problem And when i get a unicode data from mySql database its not have problem Example Source code <?php echo "متن فارسی"; ?> viewed page on other host متن فارسی view page on HelioHost ??? ???? i Think heliohost dosen't support Unicode Php .... is this Correct?
  7. Hi. I have some problem with php when i try to write a php(or html) that have unicode chars and upload it on host all of chars convert to ? mark when i show it in the mozilla , opera or other browsers i save the php with utf-8 encoding and set the page encoding to utf-8 but i can't slove this problem you can see an example here http://farachat.tk/test.php soure code: http://farachat.tk/tes.htmlwhat i should do? please Help me Sorry for my bad english
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