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  1. Who else received the message? Who is your email provider?
  2. Do these apps run on other hosts?
  3. Moved to Customer Service. I've been informed that our server is serving java correctly. Are you sure you know how to run the java app you're using?
  4. Can you post the error you're getting?
  5. Have you configured the nameservers from co.cc?
  6. We're looking into it, but IPB is pretty grandfather'd in.
  7. No, we don't do that, sorry. The servers we host are for web hosting, not managing game servers.
  8. Which server are you on and what's your username?
  9. Looks like your account was deleted. Were you logging in regularly?
  10. Sorry, this is part of a larger problem that we're working on. http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/11475-addonparked-domain-adding-problem/
  11. Everything is up for me. Yes, making a new account is normal.
  12. From what I understand, you'd need shell access, which we don't provide.
  13. Maybe span isn't the element you're looking for. What's the application?
  14. I can see your site fine? Perhaps you forgot your password?
  15. Did you previously have an account with us?
  16. I think he's trying to reregister. Are you getting any error emails describing how registration failed?
  17. Just use a CMS.
  18. Glad your problem got solved! Please spare a few minutes to take our brief survey: http://feedback.heliohost.org/ Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated.
  19. We've had disk space issues on Stevie lately, they should be fixed now. Please try registering again.
  20. So to be clear, you want us to delete xmweb2 and let you recreate xmweb? Feel free to reregister on Johnny w\ xmweb. Once you do that, tell us so we can delete the account on Stevie.
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