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  1. Hey guys, sorry for the trouble. It seems we might have broke cPanel while fixing another issue. We're working on fixing this right now. EDIT: Should be fixed now.
  2. Talked to djbob. He thinks it's a space problem and he's working on it.
  3. Did you wait 48 hours for the DNS to resolve and for your account to be created?
  4. You should stick those in public_html. Then they'll show up when you go to [your domain]/[whatever you named the files as].
  5. Wizard

    Stevie Is Back Up

    I don't think we really care as long as you're not actively advertising.
  6. Yeah that's been happening lately, I'm not quite sure why that is. We're looking into it: http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/11475-addonparked-domain-adding-problem/
  7. Kitt should work now. I'll delete kitt87 once you confirm that you can login and post.
  8. Try opening the file in notepad and saving as UTF-8.
  9. Have you tried importing using cPanel's phpmyadmin? We usually don't allow remote connections like ssh into our servers.
  10. Glad your problem got solved! Please spare a few minutes to take our brief survey: http://feedback.heliohost.org/ Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated.
  11. HelioHost is run by a team of volunteers led by two college kids. We're funded out of djbob's pocket (and some ad revenue) and what hardware resources we have are already overloaded. We'll get right on that.
  12. I don't understand your issue. Are you saying you tried to add a domain and it failed? Please provide more details.
  13. Don't know, let me check. Which server are you on?
  14. Seems like your account was deleted due to inactivity. Sorry. Feel free to create a new one.
  15. Have you tried the recommendations on this page (especially the section on Web Development)? http://tlt.its.psu.e...uage/farsi.html
  16. That's not how that works. That's not how that works. Only when your account is completely deleted should you make a new account. Please don't give people information if you don't fully understand the policies. @ASP, can you still login? I don't see your account in the database.
  17. Wizard

    Stevie Is Back Up

    To be clear, Stevie seems to be having some unknown problem (possibly out of disk space). Djbob is aware of the issue and is troubleshooting when he has the time, but it'll take a while before we figure it out. Sorry for the delays .
  18. Wizard


    We're aware and djbob is working on it. Sorry for the delays.
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