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  1. Welcome. Please spare a few minutes to take our brief survey: http://feedback.heliohost.org/ Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated.
  2. Moved topic to Customer Service. Is this issue still occurring?
  3. Tweaked /usr/cpanel/userdata. Is this issue corrected now?
  4. The reply thing is suppose to happen. Dunno if we can do anything about Google. It's better than before, considering in the past, they've blocked us completely. You're welcome for the support. G'luck with your site. Please spare a few minutes to take our brief survey: http://feedback.heliohost.org/ Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated.
  5. Do you mean that the SMTP username and password are different for each email account I make ? It makes sense to me. Why would you be able to login to another person's account with your username and password? It could be that Google is putting us on a watchlist since they have previous blocked us. Try a third email service.
  6. Well you created the username and password, right? Just go on cPanel and look at them.
  7. Might have been a fluke, perhaps? Can you reproduce this consistently?
  8. I think Google might have us blocked. Post the exact errors you're receiving.
  9. Did you create a new email account in cPanel or did you try to use the default? The default email account that's there doesn't actually work, to my knowledge, you'll have to explicitly create a new one.
  10. The accounts may not have enough resources (RAM in this case, iirc) to perform successful Softaculous installs. Or perhaps you were just trying to install during a busy time of day.
  11. I'm pretty sure our servers do. Someone want to back me up on that?
  12. Moved to Customer Service. Account has been suspended.
  13. {var j=[<?php echo idate("H");?>,<?php echo idate("i");?>,<?php echo idate("s");?>]; Does this return an array of strings or an array of numbers? Also, rewrite your code to follow good practices: http://javascript.crockford.com/style1.html
  14. Have you tried another computer/internet connection? Do you have a firewall? Perhaps double check your FTP client config. (Yes, these are generic things, but double checking helps triage.)
  15. This sounds like a question for the Joomla forums and you should ask them for more specific help. Off the though of my head though, make sure you set the proper file permissions for all your transferred files.
  16. Is there no way to switch to a file system with journaling enabled?
  17. People who stay around for 400 posts learn to post meaningful things (hopefully early). It's true that there's a certain amount of useless posts at first. That's why the post count for a free domain is so high. Also, is this suppose to be in mod discussion? The people who brought this up won't be able to see it.
  18. Are you doing anything other than the current time? If you just want a clock-like thing on your pages, you might consider embedding javascript in your html pages instead. Making all your pages get rendered by php seems inefficient.
  19. This support request is being escalated to our root admin.
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