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  1. Oops forgot this. Stevie, "rechtar".
  2. Hello, I'm a Chinese user, and the site I'm building on HelioHost (kagome-kago.me) seems to be blocked by the GFW. While some tech-savvy users including me bypass the GFW with little effort, the majority of my fellow citizens just can't reach my site. The wiki suggests me to request a move to a shared IP so I'm here. Please help. Thanks in advance!
  3. Just dropped in to say hello when I'm waiting for my applied hosting to go active. I'm a Chinese guy working at home in hope to make a career as independent developer. Aside from all the geek stuff I love the otaku culture, and I have a good mastery of the Japanese language. My otaku activities are listed at a Chinese anime-themed SNS: see my profile page there. I also run a blog called Phantasmagoria but, well, it's mainly written in Chinese. Anyway, I look forward to build my personal site with help of Helio and make a bunch of friends here
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