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  1. r0nmlt


    I am aware of the downtime due to the HD replacement but my vps is still down. I was talking with baloons on discord and his has already booted some hours ago, so maybe there is something wrong with the bootup of my VPS. Can you please check?
  2. username: fcsltd server: tommy transaction ID: 8N328382AR8057942
  3. For those like me who have been suspended for too many emails, a counter that keeps track is handy and helps in keeping within the 50 emails per day limit. This PHP script takes advantage of the report generated by cpanel track delivery tab. I filtered the generated report to include only the outgoing emails and then counted. I am not 100% sure this is foolproof as the filtering available is not clean cut. I have in mind of running a cron job (offsite) to execute the script (onsite) which checks the count. If anything changed it will generate a report and store it in the mail folder (this avoids adding to the sendmail count). Once the mail is synced with your home device the report in your mailbox will show the new daily count + some extra details. Please feel free to modify to tailor to your needs. Any suggestions welcome. PS my logging into heliohost is via 2FA, therefore I had to use the GoogleAuthenticator.php and FixedByteNotation.php scripts which should be place in a lib subfolder. GoogleAuthenticator.php FixedByteNotation.php KeyGenerator.php Logon.php
  4. Sorry but it was my fault. I set my outlook mail software to copy a hotmail account for all outgoing mail to keep a backup and this was adding a +1 to each email i sent. So 30 emails are actually 60 emails! I thought an email is 1 email but every cc is an additional email.
  5. thank you. my ip is still blocked though. I'll post the log as soon as I can get into Cpanel. Maybe I'm wrong.
  6. I am quite sure that this time I haven't gone over the 50 emails as I also removed all fowarding as this was counting against the 50 emails. I will check the mail route on cpanel to check how many emails are actually being sent and will revert. At your convenience please unsuspend. Thanks.
  7. Hi I just started getting an "invalid login" when I try to go into Cpanel. My username is fcsltd and I am on tommy. Can you please look into it? Thanks
  8. sorry but it looks like still blocked!! it's ok now. seems like it takes a while to unblock
  9. Can you please unblock my IP again. My username is fcsltd on tommy. Thanks.
  10. A couple of days ago my account what suspended due to excess emails. When this happens you cannot access your POP server, nonetheless the email client keeps on hammerring on interval to get in. I think this is what caused it.
  11. For some reason my IP was blocked! Can you please look into it. main site: fcs.com.mt username: fcsltd server tommy Thanks.
  12. Thanks for unsuspending. Is there a counter I can monitor not to go over the limit?
  13. Hi, My account has been suspended, I think I might have gone over the mail limit. Username: fcsltd server: tommy main domain:fcs.com.mt Thanks. Ron.
  14. Thanks. Hope I don't mess things up again.
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