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  1. from the softaculous? oh dude....................................JUST TELL ME, HOW CAN I PUT MY WORDPRESS BLOG AS MY MAIN PAGE OF MY SITE? I GO TO SOFTACULOUS AND SELECT WORDPRESS AND I LEAVE MY DIRECTORY BLANK SO TI WILL BE IN MY MAIN PAGE WWW.(SITE),HELIOHOST.ORG! AND THIS MESSAGE APEARS, WHAT I HAVE TO DO?!!?!?!?!!!? The following errors were found : Installation cannot proceed because the following files already exist in the target folder : .htaccess Please delete these files or choose another folder.OR Select the checkbox to overwrite all files and continue
  2. There's one more thing it seems, for example i have: www.(site).heliohost.com, i registered wordpress and it goes to other page but it's part of my own i mean this www. (site).heliohost.com/wp/ and it's good, no problem, but can i use wordpress to make posts and in my main site or can anyone tell me a good index editor and how to upload the index that i made?
  3. did but when i created it the index.php apears on the list like chat or forums and not at the main page of my site and i looked and there's nothing for the index!! I FOUND IT! But still, there's problem, can i add images to that simple text editor? but anyway i use wordpress, so thanks for helping everyone!
  4. so, can anyone can tell me, WHERE to create it, HOW TO MAKE IT apear on my index?
  5. i don't have any index.php in all my folders i searched over 10 times. for text and html editor i have only postinfo.html and _vti_inf.html is there any tutorial for this?
  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH! but still there's a problem with finding the index.php...
  7. I need help at some things. 1.How can i customize my site's frontpage? 2.when i register something like wordpress in the site's files it doesn't apear on the site's software, why? thanks.
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