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  1. they run on my local server - i have never tried running java/struts on anything other than my own hardware... heliohost was/is an experiment to learn how to deploy this stuff elsewhere. It seems like there is very little information on how to do it though.
  2. (I moved this post from the customer service forum) Hi, I requested java to be activated a few days ago, and it was/is... the jspTest.jsp page works, and I tried another one (http://roundboxes.he...jspDateTest.jsp) which also works. Here's the problem - I created a very basic STRUTS (1.3) application which runs successfully on my local server. I searched everywhere trying to find instructions on how to upload it to my heliohost directories, and came up with some vague descriptions of how to do it... first I used netbeans to generate a .WAR, then I copied the war file into a new directory and unziped it via "jar -xvf loginProject.war", and then uploaded the files into my public directory. When I navigate to the application, the .JSP pages load, but they don't behave as they should... The application is supposed to be a simple login form, which I have (allegedly) attached to a mySQL database, and there is a little bit of form validation via jQuery... **none of it works. Clicking the submit button on the page does exactly nothing! I frankly had expected the thing to blow up in my face and tell me that it couldn't find the database, or throw a bunch of server exceptions or something... anything! But it doesn't do a thing. Nada. Zippo. Zilch. So, my question is (questions are): do I have to do anything special to get struts to work on heliohost? Is there any way to set things so i can just deploy a .WAR file rather than uploading it's contents individually? (there are 3 pages associated with this web app: roundboxes.heliohost.org/login.jsp, success.jsp, failure.jsp) Thanks!
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