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  1. Sorry the problem seems to have fixed itself over night! I was simply getting could not connect to MySQL server in phpMyAdmin, and then my script was just returning could access denied for user using password YES I've transferred over and set up on a VPS, thanks for the service
  2. Hey guys I really appreciate you unsuspending my server but I have just paid a month off on a VPS so that I can take my terrible need for server resources else where, sorry for creating a new thread but I figured this would be the best way to get some attention since the other thread was marked solved My account groovyca was unsuspended after using too much server memory but since it has been unsuspended, again thank you kindly for the fast support, but the SQL server isn't working for some reason and I am unable to access the records for export and then import onto the new server I am very greatful for the help and service that you guys run and has been a great opportunity for myself to learn a lot about web development, and establish a source of income for myself and a quick resolution to this will mean I can start making money again! I've used heliohost for a good few years now and I am sorry for causing a little hastle in the time, but I'm a little financially stable now and happy to relieve you of the stress I've put on Stevie!
  3. Thank you, it's much appreciated! I will try and move off your server as soon as possible, very sorry about this I've been taken by surprise myself! If I could get some information regarding stats that would be great thanks, if it was a matter of CPU usage I'll look for a VPS -- SQL doesn't seem to be working
  4. Hey guys, my account groovyca just got suspended and I've had a flood of emails in because it has to sign software in order for it to work - this last few weeks I've had a massive increase in users so I'm guessing I was probably using too much server resources Any suggestions on what I need to do? I'll look to pay for a service but I'm kind of losing money in the mean time :') Appreciate any help guys! Jake -- Also if you could give me some statistics on what I was actually using so I know what I'm going to need to pay for Thanks
  5. I've queued jlbrec for deletion, would appreciate if you could let me know if the IP address will be able to be transfered over after deletion Thank you
  6. Well the one I have active at the moment it is pretty important that it says active so that it can issue codes for mobile devices running a piece of software I've put together recently, I have been aware of the one account per user policy - to be honest I thought I had deleted the old account but I guess it must have just become inactive, it has been a good 2 years since I was working on it and I never really considered the old account my own. If I request that the dedicated IP be transfered once I've deleted the account, is that possible - I just can't really afford to have any downtime time on my account as you can understand, thanks for replying - I figured you wouldn't be too bothered to look at the PM system on these forums
  7. I did email Krydos on the private message thread we had back in 2012 when I paid for this, just thought I would post here to check it was going to the right staff used to be on an account called jlbrec, just let me know if it is possible, thank you
  8. Sounds about right actually I was doing a lot of uploading, anything an admin can do would be awesome thanks
  9. Hey I've been working on a website for my girlfriend http://www.diddleillustration.co.uk and been making some changes to depreciate some services on my website http://www.groovycarrot.co.uk for a software update and to reduce server load but it seems a couple of days ago overnight my IP address is being refused by the server for some reason. It works fine on my phone with 3G so I'm unsure what's caused it exactly but any insight or solution to the problem would be appreciated. The IP of the address I'm experiencing problems on is Thanks again guys! Also I ran TRACERT and the connection just times out repeatedly just one step away
  10. Just yesterday I started looking for a good VPS, but I'll have to wait until I start getting some payouts from Cydia before I can start renting one so I appreciate you guys letting me work on your server for the mean time, while I work out whether it's worth the investment or I should just cut out the whole thing. But I'll try and move of your server quickly if it starts to become a persistent problem as I realise all the other users suffer as a consequence. I've had ideas to set up services that will require having a server so it might be worth while, to be honest everything I've done so far has been mainly just a bit of experimenting. I've used try{} and catch{} to at least stop running the rest of the script if a database connection fails as I notice max_user_connections still accumulates at what I can only guess is a peak in usage, so I'll see how that fares.
  11. Okay thanks, yesterday afternoon I changed the system so that rather than every time a user made a connection it opened a database connection, it passes timestamps between the device and the server and will only open a connection after an hour has passed since the last check, I've changed it to 3 hours after reading your post now; that should significantly reduce memory and sql queries, though the number of identifiers issued has passed 7000 so I realise there is rapidly more and more pressure being put on the server but we'll have to see how it goes and if necessary I'll hammer down on it harder. I've also just gone through that link and made sure all assigned variables are unset at the end of use to clear them off the server, I'm hoping it should make a difference across the amount of users but tonight I will come back to it and try to find where the memory usage is highest and how much memory it's dealing with to try and optimise it even more Thanks again for the help, you guys do a great job - I've never had such good hosting before and that you guys do it for free is fantastic.
  12. Well I was going to message you but it seems you can't receive messages so here: Ah well thank you for getting back to me quickly as I have apparently made a bad impression aha. I asked because I wanted to know what kind of numbers I was dealing with, I didn't realise it was actually really high! I've made quick changes to the code to cut out unessential queries, to be honest the amount of users overwhelmed me a bit, mainly because due to piracy of the software there are a frequently increasing number of users that I can't keep track of - I added a system to identify individual devices and the number of identifiers issued is approaching 6000 while Cydia tells me I should only expect one tenth of that number. As I said, I've removed unessential queries that are causing stress on the server and mysql, I haven't had any errors yet but most of the time it's okay anyway so please let me know if it is still an issue. I was going to supply an email address to get to me quickly if it is still causing stress but you'll have to message me for it Thanks again and sorry!
  13. Hey I have a phone service from some iPhone software I've developed and I realise there is a lot of users that use it, some 5000 users while many of them won't be making connections to the server at the same time I was just curious what the maximum amount is? As I get a log of errors daily when apparently there is just a lot of connections occuring. I use PHP and have checked everything to make sure the connections are closed when they are done, and the majority of the time it is no problem. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hey I need SSL to handle secure logins, purchases and digital downloads from my website; but from what I understand we need to pay for a dedicated IP? I'm more than happy to, my cpanel login is jlbrec Just wanted to say you guys offer a great service, it's appreciated! EDIT: Waiting on the $12 payment to admin@heliohost through paypal to go through. EDIT2: Payment received. Dedicated IP granted.
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