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  1. I'd say maybe south america but definitely not north america. No offense but true beauty don't come with boob jobs and hamburgers
  2. Hi, I'm planning to add some Symbian S60 v1 games. Most of them don't have a trial version, so the games will be in full mode. I just want to know if I am allowed to upload these kind of games here. Thanks !
  3. You right, also a mobile phone games section would be useful..
  4. Great songs, great shows, great energy !
  5. Well, looks like you didn't ... as yesterday on the 5th aniversary since the traumatic events, "new events" were announced...
  6. Can you help me on this ? Because for I've already changed the dns nameservers and my website goes nowhere right now. www.flashinstruments.com. Cheers !
  7. Hi, I ususlly enter the forum because I have a bookmark, but, today I tried to log in from another computer, went to http://www.helionet.org/ and no index was found. I checked again the address from home with 3 different browsers and looks like http://www.helionet.org/ doesn't get me on the forum, I can only see a directory listing and I can only enter here by accessing the bookmark which is helionet.org/index/index.php?act=idx I wonder if anyone else meets the same problem
  8. ... tho I'm not used to with the embedded fonts and with the severe security (blocks javascript, gmail is never displayed, put a frame on flash applets and so on ...), it's really fast and I like it. Now we're waiting for the Mozilla's reply with Firefox v2 ...
  9. ok i sent a PM with the domain name, hope you can help. Thanks heaps djbob !
  10. Japaneese, I'm fascinated by their culture, history, their way of life and mentality. Tho I'd like to learn their language, I only know a few words. But of cource, nothing compares to English which I like best.
  11. Getting into recent hot declarations (Mr. Bush assured that the chase for world's no. 1 terrorist continues), do you think that they don't really know where Osama is ? Why do you think the president felt the need to assure the public about this ?
  12. Yes, I have a domain name. I was speaking hypothetically about it's name.
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