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  1. Okay, well it's not my personal use. I have now taken it off the server. I'd like to know how it was accessed if you believe it was being accessed internally somehow. I don't use it personally. It didn't work, so I removed web access and made a XAMPP test server on my win machine, using the local mirror as the directory structure. I gave up on using the TPB proxy since I now use alternate methods which circumvent my ISP. I reiterate: I DO NOT USE IT PERSONALLY; IT NEVER WORKED, but if you'd like to tell me who is using it (could it be a robot?), please FWD your IP access logs, since I don't think those are available on the cPanel. I have not used it since it started breaking many months ago and that was when I removed web access by removing web access via the domain/directory mapping in the cPanel virtual directories. Besides, without shell access, how exactly is one to use a script sans web access do you suppose? Did you update your bash shells? There's been a bug since 1.4 you know. Thanks, Michael
  2. SERVER: stevie USER: ufni DOMAIN: ufnpsi.com Hey, I checked back in to see what script it was and my account was suspended again. I was under the apparently mistaken impression that I had removed all web access from the proxy script, but I'll just take it off the server. Please unsuspend so I can FTP in. Thanks, Michael
  3. Okay, I'll be waiting with baited breath....
  4. Thank you! Could you please tell me what script(s) was(were) causing the high server load? Thanks again in advance, Michael
  5. User: ufni Server: stevie Domain: ufnpsi.com Other Domains: IllegalKnowledge.com, HeyComputerMan.biz, TucsonComputer.info, MichaelOatman.net|info, DisloyalConsumer.com Please unsuspend if you may, at your earliest! I did not think it was for nor does it work for inactivity/renew. Could you please include the reason / script in error / etc. please? If it was a script, I can remove access, debug, etc. so it does not reoccur. The mail server catch-all @IllegalKnowledge.com was working today as of 6:47PM, so it must have been relatively recent unless mail works and www-http does not. I did not get an email stating there was an issue. Thanks, Michael
  6. Any PHP scripts in possible error from web access now have "exit;" typed in immediately after the <?php remark. Can you please tell me what was causing the error now? Please also tell me with what load I had burdened you, and how much in, say percentage, this is above any acceptable load, please? Working in concert beats working asynchronistically. True? Michael
  7. Hi, and thank you, first of all. It does not help me much if I do not know what was causing the issue in question. Thank you, though for unsuspending ufni. I fear without knowing the issue, it may immediately rearise. See post: So please LMK, so that we can together prevent future issues. Sincerely, Michael Oatman
  8. It does not help me much if I do not know what was causing the issue in question. Thank you, though for unsuspending ufni. I fear without knowing the issue, it may immediately rearise. See post: So please LMK, so that we can together prevent future issues. Sincerely, Michael Oatman
  9. Hello, apparently my account was suspended again. This was happening because of a script placing a high load on the server. The script in question was /home/ufni/tpb/proxy.php and I have since removed web access from that script. Which script is currently triggering a suspension for load? If there is another script with an issue, please inform me which one it is, and please unsuspend the ufni account so that I can FTP in and correct the error. Also, what is the server load level which triggers a suspension? I have a PHP testbed on my local machine and I could test them for load level prior to uploading them to stevie. Thank you very much for your help resolving this, Michael Oatman (520) 302-5465 PS: I thought I posted this earlier and it did not somehow get listed in this forum's topics.
  10. http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/18855-please-unsuspend-sorry-correcting-it-on-homeufnidisloyalconsumer/ So, I'm attempting to upload and it shuts me off again. This upload will redirect traffic from the assumed problem. Please actually be descriptive: which script is causing the high load? Please help, and again, all apologies. I have not used anything but the /home/ufni/tpb/proxy.php -- if others were using the /home/ufni/disloyalconsumer/index.php, I am currently trying to upload to remove access from that script. Please LMK if this (disloyalconsumer/index.php) is not the issue. Thank you again, Michael
  11. Yeah, I completely get the concept, but could you tell me exactly what was causing the high server load? I'm guessing it was what I thought, which is likely correct, but if it is something like multiple page hits or a DOS attack, that makes a different story. So LMK, please. All in Love and Truth, Michael Okay, the sites seem to be working. Thank you greatly. Hey, so I just uploaded the fork of the /home/ufni/tpb/... stuff and minus CSS and some other minor formatting, it looks like that will be fine. Could I get a testbed on Johnny? The http://tpb.disloyalconsumer.com/ site is the one that is known. For now, I will shut it down, and I can do a location redirect. Thanks, Michael
  12. Hey, sorry, I think the index.php script at /home/ufni/disloyalconsumer/index.php is doing some sort of CRC or indefinite loop, but you can check my code and ensure my loop stops at (I currently believe 8 recursions), so anyway, I'm replacing the entire code with something much more efficient -- a fork of what is at /home/ufni/tpb/proxy.php -- so please forgive me. For whatever matter, it was working just fine until earlier today, and now it seems to recurse, and produce no output. I am replacing that part entirely. Please let me back on the site. I know I could use Johnny for this but you will not let us have simultaneous testbed and production accounts? Will you? Again, look at the code, since it explicitly stops at 8 recursions. I'm not sure but I am replacing that entire directory (/home/ufni/disloyalconsumer) with essentially (a fork) of what is in /home/ufni/tpb. I do truly apologise, since right until now, I did not know that there was an actual problem. Had I known there was a resource issue (I thought the lack of output was some other parsing error, and all other sites were working, including http://tpb.ufnpsi.com/), I would have taken more immediate measures. Sincerely, Michael Oatman (520) 302-5465 PS: call me if you need to since all my email goes thru helio.
  13. okay, everything seems to be working again! Thank you for all of the help! Michael
  14. Oh, right, and I have an .htaccess file which specifies ErrorDocument 500 500.php, so there's also that. And it was just working earlier. Yeah, that. Hey, just saw your response..... okay on FTP? okay so .htaccess file was re-uploaded -- FileZilla says they are the same. Did it anyway. hmm, the other thing weird is that my perms 755 index.cgi will not work either (in Perl). I was trying welcome.php in the /home/ufni/tucsoncomputer/[.htaccess|index.cgi|welcome.php] all in the same -- have a look please! all of that tried, deleting .htaccess, still no go I repeat, this was just working not but 12 hours ago. My time is 04:05:46 MST and I had left at about 17:12:?? yesterday and it was fine then. I thought maybe lop level (/home/ufni/*) dirs are somehow mis-permissioned, but no. Guessing more... Any ideas? Is this happening elsewhere? okay, no answer... I am deleting the entire tucsoncomputer dir from /home/ufni/, redoing perms 755 but 644 on text files, will post results soon..... well, no dice. I even, and unnecessarily gave all php (but cgi necessarily) 755 and the rest 644, with dir being 755 for all of /home/ufni/tucsoncomputer , so really, what gives? Again, this problem started sometime in between 17:00:00 MST Tuesday 01 April 2014 and 04:00:00 MST Wednesday 02 April 2014. What is going on? Are there others? With Help and Please Love, Michael Methinks this could be an Apache misconfiguration.... Perl ~and~ PHP? What else? Okay, so do me a humor: check your Apache configs and restart your Apache server. It is late at night and no one will notice. I won't tell. Humor me this, and see what happens. Oh, and when BTW, was the last time Apache restarted? Could it have been within the last 12 hours?
  15. Hey all, I'm really sorry to bug you again, but it does really appear that when I try to run any PHP script on Stevie, I get a 500. I have other domain/branches which do not use PHP and they are fine. This was working about 12 hours ago and now it is not. Please browse to http://TucsonComputer.info/ for PHP not working. Please browse to http://HeyComputerMan.biz/ for no PHP (just shtml). I repeat, this was just working. The Helio server, and its current state, seems to be the difference. If I am doing something wrong, please compare perms on /home/ufni/disloyalconsumer with those on /home/ufni/tucsoncomputer and explain why neither work. With Love, and Please Help, Michael
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