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  1. so thats how you got FF on the comps Ali go fire fox
  2. i am not a rasict and i agree with nicflohn
  3. just tell us any story in your life wheter its funny suprising daring or whaterver hust tell us
  4. Today i played with alis lightsaber and his darth vader mask. He got mad and pushed me down. He go in trouble for hitting me with his light saber. He got made but then forgave me pretty lame story
  5. these mmorpg are all really good games they are all worth the money you pay for it well made Large fantasy world large weapons and monster Great camplay graphics storyline and quests
  6. it gets really booring after an hour or so not worth 15 bucks needs to be more interactive
  7. Anyone here play WOW if so answer i am a dwarf warrior in the cerrion circle realm
  8. cant wait for GTA liberty stories for psp
  9. it would be nice if their were more items in shop
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