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  1. Hey Buddy ! I think skrill supports most of the Banks in India, ask their customer support service, you can submit a ticket over there and will get a good response from them, they have quite reliable customer service. I hope that helps. Thanks
  2. I too don't like 2checkout main reason - its not free to try need to pay a basic fee before we start. if there is any payment method that can give paypal a run for its money in india it is Skrill.....many freelancing sites are recommending it for Indian users in the wake of Paypal scenario.
  3. You are welcome bro, use Skrill or 2checkout they are good options other than paypal
  4. Magento is better to create an e-commerce store + cms, you can also create a blog or support forums for your site through magento. If you want to create simple but powerful website with e-commerce features you can choose Wordpress ( you need to install separate plugINs to create an online store on wordpress), the beauty of wordpress is simplicity and versatility, drupal is good so i joomla. now its upto you and yes all of the CMS do come with a backend where the client can add / modify content. By the way say your website and portfolio is quite promising, you have designed packages for top firms in India Congrats. Regards
  5. I'm not sure about Windows 8 because as a designer I would say the Interface isn't appealing. Apple is the trendsetter as far as design is concerned, with Win 8 windows looks far away. I really see linux growing as an OS and it is very much in demand ( I mean Linux professionals).
  6. Thanks for the info I wasn't fully aware of chrome OS had heard about it somewhere being used with nexus chromebook but never heard more about it. I hope it turns out to be a better alternative for Windows.
  7. Linux is the only OS i see that can give windows a run for its money, I think its a good time to debate on this just as the new Windows 8 OS has been released by microsoft, As a designer I found the interface quite simple and uninteresting - The standard set by apple OSX for Graphical User Interface is much superior. Another thing having said about Linux and Windows, wondering if google would ever venture into this arena they are the leaders in Mobile OS but what will happen if there is an Android OS for computers, according to me it will spread like a wild fire and there is strong chance that it would emerge supreme, but it don't see google doing that in near future.........strange but what is it thats making google reluctant to Join the OS league for computers.
  8. Right now majority of computers in the world are pc (running on windows) a significant quantity are MAC and Linux. but still windows rules the world of OS. My Question is Can Linux or MAC take over Windows as the leading operating system using in the world for computer - desktops - laptops. In a nutshell does anybody see such thing happening where windows wont be the leader in OS. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if all you people are aware of this google has updated its search engine algorithm ( the update is called as penguin), well this penguin has turned out to be a nightmare for most of the sites that used spammy techniques to gain PageRank, its a major step by google to create a spam free SEO environment. What say guys !!!
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