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  1. Ubuntu has a 64-bit distro, which is all a linux newbie needs.
  2. A stereotype of rednecks is that they bang sheep. Pretty funny.
  3. HerLoss


    You can get IBStore at http://forums.invisionize.com/index.php?showforum=90
  4. I still prefer the white-on-black look and feel of a command line.
  5. If the heads of the major countries got together and slowly started introducing the idea of a united world, then yes, but there is no way that enough people would support the idea right away, and wouldnt see the benifits of uniting, so it would take so much time to introduce the change gradually, that it would never survive the changes in leadership in the different countries that occur periodically.
  6. It's just that engineers are known to make things much more complicated than they have to be, and it's funny to think that someone would build some crazy Rube Goldburg machine like this to kill themselves.
  7. Never used Grub before, but GAG is extremly simple, not much in the way of features. Havnt a clue what your mounting problem could be.
  8. If you're going to be doing a dual boot I recommend GAG as a boot manager. http://gag.sourceforge.net/
  9. I have no intentions of ever being in the same state as him.
  10. liquid cooling is just more efficient. I currently have four fans and heatsinks up the yin yang in my box and it still overheats sometimes in the summer.
  11. Just his health, for which I'm not worried.
  12. I'd still like to take a swing at him... or just kick him in the nuts.
  13. HerLoss

    More Updates

    Move HN onto the HH server? Or not... lol I really appreciate everything you've done here, even if I dont happen to use the services much. Keep it up.
  14. Yes. When you sign up for hosting your site will be located at www.*****.helionet.org or maybe it's heliohost.org... I dont remember, but that's how it works.
  15. lol, I guess not. If you stick around for a little bit I might consider it.
  16. That is unknown at this point in time, although it has happened once in the past.
  17. Yeah, semi-spam seems to work well.
  18. yeah, two litter boxes. One on each floor.
  19. lol, I'm coming up on enough points for 4 domains.
  20. Oh noes! lol actually, I think one of them shat in my room... I've been trying to locate the source of the stink for the past hour, and it appears to be coming from under my desk. They couldnt possibly fit under there... there's only like a half inch clearance over the ground, but something smells under there.
  21. Eh, we just let them go wherever they want. They can manage stairs, so it doesnt matter.
  22. Recently they've been running around under my bed, and whenever one of them jumps at the other, it smashes it's head against the bottom of the bed.
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