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  1. Hi, Thanks for giving me a chance. Now, i only have abissbo account. And, able to upload files via cpanel.... thanks for support.
  2. I apologize for not reading the rules. please forgive. I chose abissbo account to be maintained.
  3. I have three account heliohost, everything unable upload files via cpanel. 1. First 2. Second 3. Third thanks for advance.
  4. I have Eset and Malwarebytes installed on my pc, all have been updated. I'm using Win 7, MacOS, and Ubuntu. i was scanning my files, and the files also pc is totally clean. curious....
  5. I have problem with uploading my files via cpanel. but it works by filezilla (ftp). It was said: upload canceled: VIRUS DETECTED (Access Denied, ERROR). I have tried uploading files via cpanel using windows, macintosh and linux, but return the same result. How can this happen by using cpanel, while not in filezilla?
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