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  1. I can receive e-mails but cannot send anything, even text. I have not changed anything n my account settings. I noticed stevie went down and wondered if this may have been a contributing factor.The e-mail account is jerry@j-birdweb.com Than.k you
  2. I own www.j-birdweb.com last month I needed to reset my password for security reasons per your request. I have done so and subsequently I cannot remember my username or password. what Can I do to get back into c-panel and get my account re-activated? Jerry Sparrow
  3. Thank you for your quick response. I have changed my password. Now my mail box does not seem to be working as I cannot send an e-mail. I was attempting to test my mailbox and my message bounced back with a send error. Could you please see if my mailbox ix OK. Thanks Jerry Sparrow
  4. I have www.j-birdweb.com hosted on Stevie When I went to check my e-mail it showed my e-mail inbox as empty. So I went to see if my site was still up. My antivirus came back and told me the site load was stopped due to an infection with the js exploit virus. I have not uploaded any files to my site in months and I am curious as to the nature of this problem. Do I need to re install all of my files? or is this something that is server wide and is being dealt with. I need my E-mails for business purposes and hope this can be resolved soon my username is jbirdweb.
  5. My e-mail is not coming through again.This appears to happen at least once a week. why do I have to keep asking to have my e-mail reset? this is becoming quite an issue. please help.My site is www.j-birdweb.com.
  6. I can not receive or send e-mails again. I would post this in the correct forum but I can never find out which forum that would be. I rely on my e-mail and cannot afford for it to be down. Please advise: 1, where to post this problem 2, what is wrong with my e-mail account 3, what I can do to prevent this in the future. I love your hosting otherwise. My account is on Stevie, it is www.j-birdweb.com Thank you
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