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  1. Hello, I would like to use separate folders for the main domain and subdomain "www". Is there a way to do it? For instance, my domain name is lizardie.com, and the main domain folder is /home/kbat/public_html, and by default it is the same for www.lizardie.com. How do I change it to /home/kbat/public_html/www? What I did up to now is created a redirection like this: lizardie.com / http://lizardie.com/www permanent match_www However, this also changes the address in the browser from www.lizardie.com to lizardie.com/www what I do not like. Thank you, Konstantin
  2. kbat


    Thank you, boresha. However, my question was not about FTP configuration, but about remote synchronization. I try to explain again: I have my web site files at my laptop and I have uploaded them at heliohost. Then I change some of these files at my laptop and in order to commit these changes at heliohost I see two possibilities: 1. Find all the files I have changed at my laptop and copy them at heliohost using ftp/sftp/web disk client. 2. Copy the total web site at heliohost overwritting the old files. However, both of these ways are not convenient, as in the first case I have to remember exactly which files I have changed, and in the second case... it's just waste of traffic + it does not delete automatically the files I have possibly deleted at the local computer. So, what people usually use in this case is a remote synchronization tool. It compares the local and remote files and sends only the difference between them. I suppose that one of the most popular remote synchronization tools is rsync (http://rsync.samba.org), so I am wondering whether it is possible to use it at heliohost or not. I think it would be useful for many users.
  3. kbat


    Hello, Is there a possibility to use a remote synchronization? The point is that I update my pages at local computer and I suppose it would be quite useful to use a tool like rsync instead of manually uploading the updated files. Thank you, Konstantin
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