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  1. I see. I guess I will wait for Tommy and maybe by that time Stevie will be up and running again for me to take out my backups. Luckily I'm running a file based CMS so backing up and restoring is easy.
  2. Um, if Stevie is down, does that mean I also cannot login into HelioHost's control panel? (Not cPanel.)
  3. acrox999

    New Website

    I noticed that there's no button to go back to the account page after clicking a button, especially on the email validation page. Pressing back on the browser will need me to confirm form resubmission (or perhaps logging back in). It's nice to see an updated design, I hope that all features will be integrated with the new website, since some stuff will still redirect you to the old website.
  4. That's it. That's a little embarrassing but it was never documented. I tried reading the wiki so many times but never found this. Maybe add about this there? Thanks for taking time to help me.
  5. Emails are not able to be received on the main email account on the domain, no matter from which email providers. I created a new email account on my domain and it was able to receive emails just fine, from Google, Yahoo and Yandex.
  6. Sorry for necro-posting this thread but I usually get this error when I login to my cPanel. Is there any reason why this happens, or is there a limit to connections on the server?
  7. The /tmp issue was solved by a Support Admin. Getting back to the main issue here, I'm still not able to receive any emails after more than 24 hours of reverting back to Heliohost nameservers. I got this error:
  8. I'm sure that the configuration is correct. I'll try without Cloudflare first and see how it goes. Also, can you please check what is up with /tmp? It's completely used up and this shouldn't be happening.
  9. Hello, I recently changed my domain to my own custom domain. However, I'm having serious issue with the emails. I am not able to receive any emails even though I can send emails. Can any of the staff look into this matter? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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