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  1. ok. Thank you for the help. Have yourself a nice day/night.
  2. Thank you the information. My bookmark did end in html so I fixed it. To do with this in future would it be possible to have the last time you logged in show in the cPanel?
  3. Good morning: My account was archived even after I had logged in. I got the warning email to login so I went to where I normally login https://tommy.heliohost.org:2083And logged in. Three days later it was still archived. I was able to use the link to get it back in the second email saying it was archived. Is there a specific place I need to login at to count?
  4. Thank you. Didn't mean to post it twice other thread was marked solved before the other problems. But all is well on the fronts now.
  5. I made a donation before the rebuild and got double the space. Transaction ID 5SN49695AE274251T Also I noticed when I recreated my account on Tommy my username on the forum was changed from c2s to c2s3 could I get it changed back for less confusion for me. After this I think all will be great.
  6. All is good now, thank you both. EDIT I did have the double space for making a donation. Transaction ID 5SN49695AE274251T EDIT 2 Just noticed my username on the forum changed from c2s to c2s3 could I have it changed back please.
  7. Got my invite "thank you" went to try and recreate my account on Tommy, I get my username is unavailable. It was c2s before Tommy let out the smoke.
  8. Have you looked in to a prepaid credit card? It's what I use with Paypal.
  9. c2s

    Reusing Usernames

    When fully back online to who or where do I send the donation details for the invite? Till the time comes I can wait. Thank you both.
  10. c2s

    Reusing Usernames

    When Tommy is brought back online, I know he was wiped and sites are gone but will the accounts automatically be recreated or will we need to re-sign up?
  11. Was having trouble with not Filezilla showing directors and timing out stumbled on this and the SFTP worked for me. Thanks.
  12. Thank you. All done, you can switch it back when you have time.
  13. I would like my forum name changed so I can create an account on Tommy. And am I correct that I can come back and ask for it to be changed back after I create the account?
  14. c2s

    Skrill Donations

    Is it still possible to still send money with paypal without an account? They limited my account over 7 years ago for "fraud" before I even used it. They no account is needed here https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/account-optional but not sure if it is or they just didn't update their site.
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