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  1. ok. You could let us know when you leave, you know????
  2. It's been a few days that he don't write here, nor in email or pms and doens't answer MSN... Did he went on vacations???
  3. Well... Isn't it a coincidence that the same name make the same post??? Anyway, since you used "2" that means that you are there...
  4. you should try Alias. From JJ Abrams too, really great spy show. Too bad got cancelled, but there's 5 seasons to download in the net
  5. strange... cuz not onlu the pics are the same, but also the name.... except that he uses djprashant... that't why I asked.
  6. Well, of course that Materazzi called his sister names, but is not a reason for what he did. Sure he's a great player, sure he shouldn't be remembered for what he did, but he did it. And it was WAY wrong. Kinda unforgivable... So...
  7. yeah... maybe... but still... "We're goint to buy wii" can happen
  8. I love the movie. I'm a big fan of MI movies and even bigger of JJ Abrams. I mean, if you watch LOST you'll be at home...
  9. awwwwwwwww... those photos are soooo cuteeee!!!!
  10. ohhhh... now i got it... localities that i don't unerstand.... now it makes sense... Funny!!!!
  11. didn't got the ending... :S
  12. true. But be overviolents isn't good also
  13. Yeah... I'm embarassed by them. It's was a shamefull participation. The players were booed when they arived here. The whole country is a bit numb after the deafeat.
  14. i thought that Clark Kent in the movie was going to be played by the same actor that plays him in Smalville
  15. yeah, sure is simple. But I don't know... lacks something
  16. i'd have to agree in certain aspects. As I said, humans are social animals. They relly on the others to live. They need other people to survive. That's certain. But one thing is to speak in a minor term and the other is a global stand. I'm social, i have plenty friends, love to hang out, to leave. But still, if you ask me if I agree, let's say, that english should be world's language and islam the religion of everyone, or that i should sing la marsaillese instead of my national anthem, then i would deny. Even if the thing at stake was world unity. But that doens't mean that i hate all this or that i disagree that anyone should applaud it. That just mean that I would like to keep my cultural, country identity. So that's the problem with world unity and human selfish nature. Is to decide what would be the "pattern" to a global identity instead of local ones.
  17. majazac


    i think i don't follow. What exactly you want to know?
  18. exactly... imagine "hey! We're gonna play wii"
  19. To win, yes, you'll have to pick NO. Because there is much more arguments to NO than there is to YES. As I said and nilyaz said too, human being is selfish and would always stood up for their believes as the better one. In the case you mentioned, of an alian invasion, then maybe they would unite. But it wouldn't be a real unity. I would be a unity in an emergency, an animal impulse to survival. For the same reason you would unite with your worst enemy if your life were at danger. It's a mere impulse not a real unity. So therefore, speaking of a real unity, then I still go with NEVER. Even with the progressive unity that HL mentioned, would still be almost impossible, because of the language, religion, cultures, believes barriers. Everyone would want to adopt their own as the one.
  20. it would be prettier if it was sharper... But anyway, is really cute
  21. ok, now i get... maybe the night of sleep helped...
  22. majazac


    i love Canada, where are you guys from? Any from Quebec???
  23. i liked revolution it was more appealing. wii is even weird to pronounce...
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