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  1. maybe information is in "Websites & Domains" -> Your Domain -> "Logs".
  2. Hi, please add me to the Plesk queue: Paypal: p***pal@mailueberfall.de 2CX836240K7766608 just a blank account with the domain nyten.heliohost.org (currently attached to vps) and my forum email
  3. A DNS entry for “xyro.tk” already exists. You must remove this DNS entry from all servers in the DNS cluster to proceed. please remove
  4. nyten

    Backups Available

    i cant find the backup for hh295832
  5. btw i have these two "disposal" adresses for almost 5 years cuz the spammers dont use them to send their shit
  6. i will change it. i have tested many services, but they used my adress and registered it in hundreds of their spam marketing sites which passed all filters
  7. they are from abine to prevent spambots floading my main inbox
  8. they are working. but i cant login nor reset the password
  9. idk if nyten.tk was still used. please clear xyro.tk
  10. thanks, you can send it to ynqx04hawnro@antidata.co or tk1cz97z7q4t@abinemail.com
  11. please free nyten.heliohost.org and xyro.tk from the hh295832 account and invite me to ricky. paypal 0V714098BF340981E
  12. hi, ns is ok, depends on what you use. mx is YOURDOMAIN.TLD
  13. ive been with strato for some years... https://www.strato.com/faq/en_us/article/539/Can-I-manage-my-own-DNS-entries-at-STRATO.html
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