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  1. I cannot upload an archive through the upload facility in cPanel file manager. I select the archive which is a tar.gz to upload but it just hangs and displays I had this problem a couple of months ago and gave up, but I thought an issue like this would have been sorted out by now. I am on Stevie. There is enough space for the archive and also there is enough space when the archive is extracted, (if it ever gets to the directory). What is it that is preventing uploads?
  2. Since Stevie has now been down for over 2 and half hours is there any possibility that someone could let us know what is going on. Many thanks. See: http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/
  3. I appreciate people trying to help but no-one seems to grasp the fact that heliohost has a problem or is being hacked. @wolstech The sites that were sending these e-mails were not on this server. Those sites were not configured to use the root e-mail account, so could not send mails from another server/hosting account via heliohost mail. Those sites on another server at the time these mails were sent, had no registrations. They are not causing problems on the new hosting either. The problem is DEFINITELY with either Heliohost or a Hacker. They had already been moved to another server. The registration mails that were sent were from as far back as July, but sent within the last few days amongst the 5000. I informed HelioHost about the Hacked Account, but they do not seem that interested. See: http://www.helionet....ed-and-defaced/ Also I cannot be sure that these new cgi files introduced into root accounts with cPanel are not part of the issue. I have all the Hacker files, the 5000 e-mails and the cgi bin contents, (which I deleted from the account). If anyone in Admin is that bothered they can PM me. I have removed my cPanel Username and Server from the Thread as this is obviously a bad idea to post this kind of information. However the account is still compromised through the subject title. I have spent enough time on this, have no TLDs here now anyway and see no point in trying to explain what the problem is any further as no-one seems to acknowledge a problem may even exist.
  4. I could go round and round in Circles here. Some of those 5000 e-mails are activation e-mails from 5 months ago. These do not get stored anywhere, they simply notify Admin and the User via php mail that they need to activate the account and there is nothing stored in e-mail directories or in the database. So where did they suddenly come from? The only place these type of mails can be stored are records held by heliohost, old cache or something. Nothing in the hosting account anywhere.
  5. I understand that sites are to be stopped or prevented from creating problems for other users. 20 to 24 hours the account was down with no way to find out what the problem is. (I did not even find out it was down for ten hours) Total time now spent on this 14 hours one way or another. However with no access to the account there is no way to know how to solve it. With no e-mail notification there is no way to know it is down. I agree that excessive use is to be stopped but this is not a deliberate act. It is either a hack or a heliohost system issue. Nothing to no with me or any CMS as far as I can tell. Whereas Admins should easily be able to see what the problem is The irony is that if this is a hack it is likely due to users posting Usernames and server on the board as these 5000 mails are attempted from the master e-mail account. So there seems to be either a serious flaw in heliohost security or someone in admin has reloaded old system messages that were sent, as some of the mails were not even in any mail directories and they go back to when the websites were put on this server in July '12. It seems the only way they could have been sent is via heliohost, not the hosting account. EDIT I am just looking into some files now that may have caused this.
  6. Well I have not sent them and I do not think it is a coincidence that this has arisen since the DNS and other Server Issues. Looking at the inbox on the account there are 5000 mails that are historical activation mails and it looks like they have been duplicated over and over again. In other words these are system mails. If rather than assume that account holders are intentionally creating these issues, they are informed prior to suspension, they can then check the accounts. In this case this is not something that I have implemented as the website e-mail domain is not even on this hosting.
  7. @wolstech, thanks for the reply. The most I could find is 60 over 3 sites in one given day out of the last 5 weeks. Normally averaging between 5 and 15 across 3 sites over the last 5 to 6 weeks. Besides which this account was suspended with no more than 10 in any one day in the last 4 days on only one TLD, as I moved 2 due to the DNS problems here. So what is this, retrospective suspensions for peaking at 60 in one given day over the last year? So now moved the last of the TLDs off HelioHost as the only way we can find out what admins are doing with the accounts is by keeping the sites open and refreshed 24/7. Even running 3rd party monitoring services are not a solution as accounts are suspended without notification, then the accounts get locked up but will show as up. Will just use the sign up sub domain for now until the situation on heliohost improves re the constant downtime and other issues.
  8. The most e-mails that have been sent in one day over the last 4 days, prior tp suspension, were 9 or 10 mails. These are notification mails about login attempts on the site. Prior to that, there were other sites, prior to being moved, but I doubt that across all sites at a peak, it ever exceeded 60 mails in one day. The normal amount across all 3 sites seems to have been around 20. So what is regarded as a normal amount of mails in one day?
  9. Nobody have an answer for this; as the problems created by locking up accounts through suspension on heliohost also affect the resolving of the DNS when trying to move to a new server.
  10. Include the following information: a. your HelioHost username = xxxxxxxx b. the server your account is on = zzzzzzzz c. your HelioHost main domain = cccccccc.heliohost.org/ Due to DNS Issues I moved a Site off heliohost, but kept a low traffic site here to monitor the state of heliohost. I am using: uptimerobot.com I was getting warnings all day yesterday re heliohost downtime but looking in today I see that I have a: cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi on the account. I have made no modifications to sites left here, (while the DNS Issues were resolved), in 3 months; so would be interested to know why this account has suddenly been suspended?
  11. @Krydos While I agree with your logic re merging Threads, unfortunately this board breaks all links as it will not redirect by Post or Thread ID. I have always said we are long overdue for a new board. myBB would be my choice but that is for another Thread.
  12. While there is no doubt nodes do cache they should not. Web pages should be collected from the server as the website presents them. The caching should be left to the websites and nothing else. Client side browser caching and computer resolvers are inevitable, but webmasters should know how to deal with this: http://thenetweb.co.uk/clear-your-cache-for-webmasters Even if there is server side caching it will be 15 minutes max. Besides as said numerous times, it is not caching that is the problem here as I had tested this with various methods already mentioned and was getting dns resolution errors from: http://www.intodns.com/ when my sites and Shinryuu sites were down but no downtime shown for stevie from the HelioHost Server Monitor. http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/ As for 3rd Party sites like: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ It would be pointless them using any form of caching, but that is not to say they don't. Stevie seems to be OK at the moment.
  13. This has actually been an issue for over 24 hours now. You have probably seen: http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/14185-dns-issues/ as well as other posts. The stock answer to clear cache is not the solution, (although you will have to clear cache for realtime during the DNS resolving). It could be a server issue else where as it seems Globally there are problems but some areas are getting access. Unfortunately Server Admins rarely let us know what they are up to, while the Forum Mods do their best with little or no info. cPanel have introduced security fixes so it is possible that these have not been implemented correctly or there is a gremlin in the fix. As said it could be problems with servers elsewhere though. This is definitely a DNS issue as the Monitor is not showing Downtime. http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/
  14. My Sites Down again as are: shinryuukai.tk sagararyal.uni.me 17.23
  15. I found these files in my public_html directory Nov-29-12 12.12pm = file h.pl Nov-29-12 12.46pm = file index.html The public_html directory which is a heliohost sub domain was hacked and defaced. The TLDs which are Add On domains were not touched. If you wish me to send these files to someone or require more info please PM me. Unfortunately the account does not have the facility for raw access logs and although I have implemented my own script for logging the TLDs I have as Add On domains I did not include the script in the account sub domain which I signed up with, (I have now though). If the Hacker revisits, which they often do I might get better info.
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