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  1. Split from someone else's email support...
  2. It's hard to say what's going on here without the full headers of the original email. It is common for spam to be sent with a fake "From" address though, and when it's rejected by the recipient's spam filter, the spam gets returned to the person listed in the fake From header, as opposed to the actual sender. Have you checked the mailbox to see if it actually sent this spam? If it did not, then there's not much to do except delete the rejection emails. If it did, you'll need to change your password.
  3. Our website isn't connected to Plesk yet. You can sign in at https://tommy2.heliohost.org/ using the same username (aleden) and the password you used for cPanel. If the password does not work, please try the forgot password button.
  4. We have not been able to create new accounts since July of 2020 when our cPanel licenses got revoked. All of our offerings (except for VPSes) are currently closed for new registrations as seen here. https://www.heliohost.org/signup/ We're currently in the process of replacing cPanel with Plesk and migrating our existing users to restore service. Once that is complete and it's possible to create new accounts again, you'll receive an invite to create an account. If you would be interested in a VPS in the meantime, please let us know and we can put the donation towards VPS fees instead.
  5. That's exactly the issue. The alias domain is still pointed to old Tommy. Also for some reason I cannot find the Edit Zone option on the Cody cP to change the IP (I'm guessing there's another way to do it, probably command line, that I don't know)...lets have Krydos look at this.
  6. https://heliohost.org/eta
  7. Place the .crt and the key files on the server so Krydos can install them for you
  8. The tool runs on your local computer and doesn't talk to the server. You're supposed to use the data shown to manually create the challenge file on the server. Run it again, then when you get to that step, create a text file with the name listed (make sure to remove the txt extension) containing the value shown. Then, use FTP to create a .well-known folder inside public_html (or if it's something like an addon domain, whatever the docroot is for the domain you're ordering the cert for), then create an acme-challenge folder inside it. Upload the file you made into the acme-challenge folder. Once the file is uploaded, press enter, it'll validate the challenge and generate a certificate. The files you listed are just two keys and a CSR (cert signing request). LE did not actually generate and sign a cert since you didn't do the challenge process.
  9. You can't. We have to do that on our end because it affects the entire server. What PHP version and what size limit do you need?
  10. Nope. It hasn't even been built yet, and that work probably won't start until the Tommy/Ricky migration is finished. Also, when it does happen, the accounts will not transferred because the majority of them were hacked and turned into phishing sites. Invites will be sent instead for new accounts.
  11. 1. DNS zone editing is not yet supported because Plesk can't talk to our (cPanel DNS-only based) DNS servers. This is the same reason you can't currently add new domains. We'll eventually build a plugin to integrate these so new domains and DNS editing are supported, but we have no idea when this will happen. For now, just ask us on the forums if you need DNS entries changed on our name servers. 2. Should be tommy2.heliohost.org. Make sure if using SFTP that you set the port to 1373 (this is different from the old Tommy, which used 1342).
  12. It's a relic of cPanel, which required it be done this way. cPanel's "addon domains" were actually aliases on top of a subdomain internally.
  13. The DNS for those domains didn't update it looks like. If you're using our name servers, it's probably an issue with the migration. If you're using your own name servers, you need to change the IP addresses in your DNS records to (new tommy). The 143.6 address is the old cPanel tommy. Krydos can delete the unwanted domains and verify the DNS on our name servers for you.
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