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  1. Accounts cannot be restored at this time since our cpanel licenses have been revoked. Please refer to https://www.helionet.org/index/forum/1-news/ for more information. A backup should exist for this account since it was archived, however it will need to be manually added so you can download it. Escalating this to Krydos for you so he can add the backup in case you want it.
  2. cPanel Accounts can no longer be restored as we no longer have a license for the cpanel software. We think the accounts will migrate to the replacement software (Plesk) automatically, but we're still working the details out on that. I did unsuspend you, but that won't fix access to your account, just make the site live again until the server goes down for rebuild. In the meantime, a backup is available from https://heliohost.org/backup/ if you want to download your data. Please see the recent topics in https://www.helionet.org/index/forum/1-news/ for more information.
  3. What is the username of the account?
  4. Sounds like the DNS server on Hestia isn't working properly for some reason. I don't know enough about Hestia to troubleshoot that unfortunately CF will work fine as a substitute though as long as you make your DNS changes there.
  5. At the moment there is no working control panel, so you can’t change anything settings wise. You can still edit your files via FTP though, and you can also download a backup of your entire account (including databases) via https://heliohost.org/backup/ too.
  6. Glad to hear you got everything working! Yeah, a VPS can be quite a bit of work to get running correctly (and as you said, you'll learn a lot about managing a linux server in the process), but once working, it can mostly just sit there and do its thing.
  7. Escalating this to Krydos so he can find your payment and get this set up for you. Did you pay through the heliohost.org/vps/ form? If so, he also got an email with the request. You'll typically receive credentials by email at the address on your paypal account.
  8. Weird...the account is showing as active, but there is no backup for phantomg. Krydos will need to look at this.
  9. Agreed, probably just disguised advertising...
  10. Your email can be found in your backup. Krydos explained to someone else how to get mail from a backup here:
  11. .NET requires Windows, so no it won't run on Tommy (which is linux). We do have a Windows server (Lily) which we hope to also have running Plesk at some point and which should support ASP.NET, though having started to dig into it, that I'm not sure it's as feasible as Krydos thinks it is (as I discovered through research, Plesk apparently "cheats" in a lot of ways when run on Windows...). EDIT: No we don't accept cash app. We accept paypal, skrill, and various forms of cryptocurrency. See https://heliohost.org/donate/
  12. Thanks! Also, for those who do need features not on our free shared host offerings (like shell access or the ability to run custom apps like a game server), our paid VPS offering starts at only $4/month too, much cheaper than GoDaddy, whose closest comparable VPS is almost $20/month. We're planning to upgrade our servers in the near future too with additional capacity, and down the road after this cP/Plesk fiasco blows over we hope to offer an ultra-low-cost paid non-VPS option as well.
  13. It takes up to 48 hours for DNS changes to take effect across the whole internet. Most people see it within a few hours though.
  14. What @infantex said is exactly how its done by pretty much all. For example, even heliohost.org itself works like that (where the name server ns1.heliohost.org is a subdomain of the domain being configured). The IP address of a valid name server for the domain is needed at the registrar ]when the NS points to a subdomain, just so DNS has an idea where to start looking. These records are known as a "glue record", and internally are just a plain A record. If you're curious about the logic behind it and why you need to set up your DNS this way when you host your own name server on your VPS: https://ns1.com/blog/glue-records-and-dedicated-dns
  15. Unsuspended. Please keep in mind though that we no longer have a license for cPanel, so the control panel and email services no longer function on any of our servers (please read the News section for more info on this issue). At some point the server will be rebuilt with Plesk, but in the meantime, you can access your files via FTP if needed. For Johnny users, the server rebuild is expected to take several months as both Tommy and Ricky will go first.
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