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  1. It went through on our end. Invite manually sent. Thank you for the donation. (The donation failure error happens when Paypal times out and our website doesn't get the information back that its supposed to. When this happens, it can't tell if you paid or not, so it never sends the invite and instead spits out that error).
  2. Please keep in mind if you donate XMR, it may take several days to verify as we have to manually process the wallet. Also, the ETN wallet is no longer supported, I thought that was already removed but I guess not. Please don't donate to that. For the other currencies, please post the blockchain transaction ID and the email address you want the invite sent to after sending the coins.
  3. Not really. It's the memory and cpu needs that make it slow, and a CDN can't really help with that, only more server resources. Your choices are basically to buy a VPS or find different software that isn't bloated. Slowness with moodle on shared hosting isn't specific to us either, it's just that Moodle is not meant to run on shared hosting.
  4. As I said above, it’s because we let people cut in line by donating. We aren’t doing anything odd, it’s just how numbers work when you move someone to the front of the line. The wait list will eventually be completed, and you can see that the line is moving even with you being bumped back a few spots by donors. After all, you’ve moved up by 160+ spots in 18 days. Just give it time and you’ll get your turn. You might not like the fact we let people donate to cut in line, but as I said earlier our service costs money to run, and we gotta keep the lights on somehow…
  5. Donors skip the line, and yes, it is intentional to encourage people to donate. Our service costs money to run, and we need the donations to stay in business. Every time someone on the wait list donates the amount shown at the bottom of the ETA page, that person moves from wherever they are in line to 1st place. If they were behind you prior to donating, the line will appear to go backwards for you because they are now in front of you. It goes the other way too...if the user who donates was in front of you, you see no change at all. The line is moving. You were at 478 back on November 4, but are now at 314. You've advanced 164 spots in 18 days, which sounds about right if you account for the donors. You can donate $2 or more to be moved to the front of the line yourself if you don't want to wait any longer. Complaining about the wait will not get you moved any faster, but may result in a ban.
  6. Done, it can take up to 2 hours to go into effect though since Apache needs to restart.
  7. If you used external DNS, yes. Many users here use cloudflare so they can manage DNS themselves. Eventually once domain DNS integration is done you'll be able to edit DNS on our name servers, but it's not ready yet. If you want to use external DNS, you need an A record pointed to, an MX pointed to tommy2.heliohost.org, and a TXT record with this value for SPF: "v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all"
  8. If you look at your profile, you can see you have 20 posts, most from before you created the account: https://www.helionet.org/index/profile/211822-hunterparker93/ I told IPB to recount your posts for you so your post count includes the merged posts...
  9. It's intentionally disabled at the moment because it's part of the ability to manage domains, which isn't ready yet. This will probably become available when we finally get the DNS integration for adding domains working and turn on the ability for users to manage their own domains. In the meantime, what domain needs to be edited and what folder do you want the root set to? We can change it on our end.
  10. It's probably because it can't verify the sender due to your SPF record being missing. Since myhelio.ml is using our name servers, Krydos needs to fix that...
  11. Since you mention an upgrade, I'm assuming you already have a VPS. Krydos can do the upgrade for you as well as the control panel. For a control panel, usually its Hestia that gets installed for a VPS unless you prefer something else since it's free. The only info he'll need is what control panel you want and what VPS number you are (if we don't already know based on username/email, or if you have more than one). He may also need you to change the root password so he can log in to install the control panel (though it probably won't matter here, for a control panel its usually best to reinstall the OS first if you've been using the VPS).
  12. OK. It may take up to 2 hours for the domain to function now that it's been changed. Give it a few hours then clear your cache. Also, make sure you've uploaded an index page so your website has something to show, otherwise you'll see the default Plesk page.
  13. No problem Let us know if you need anything else.
  14. Resent to that address instead. Gmail used to be really bad about delivering our mail and would refuse it entirely at times, though lately they've been at least nice enough to put it in Spam. If it still doesn't arrive, we can try a non-gmail address. (Spam filters typically hate us because we sometimes get abusive users who use our servers to send phishing email...). EDIT: You posted while I was typing Glad to see you got it that time. Please let us know if you need anything else.
  15. The email on your forum account and paypal don't match, and the invite went to the Paypal email. Do you want me to try to send it to the anxxxx@gmxxx.com address on your forum profile instead?
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