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  1. If you used the force HTTPS option in cPanel to do it, I believe it adds it in the Apache config for your domain. Krydos would need to remove it manually... Escalating.
  2. There aren’t many of us that are still around. Me and Krydos have both been here 10+. We have a single normal user who has been here since 2007 (Lana), though she doesn’t really post on the forums.
  3. Every organization using Google Workspace will have include:_spf.google.com in their SPF. That's the standard SPF record recommended by Google for Google Workspace setup. GArena is a legitimate gaming platform. They own that domain, and they probably use Google Workspace internally. GArena doesn't offer public email service, so the odds they're actually sending these emails is low. What doesn't make sense is why the DKIM passed... One of the downsides to using Google (or any major cloud email provider) for email on your own domain is what you're seeing here. A spammer can use Google to send spam with a fake From header for any other domain using Google email, and the spam will pass an SPF check. SPF lost a lot of its effectiveness when massive cloud email services became common...it's more effective when domains have their own mail server.
  4. Unsuspended. With cPanel no longer functional though, you'll need to maintain your site using FTP until our migration to Plesk is complete. For more information, please see the News section.
  5. We currently are not able to create new accounts because we are in the middle of a migration to a new control panel (Plesk). There is no estimate for when this will be finished at this time. Please see the news section for more information: https://www.helionet.org/index/forum/1-news/
  6. Email is not available during the migration. If you need access to past messages, they can be retrieved via FTP, they're found in your ~/mail folder. There should be folders in there for each mailbox, with the "cur" folder representing your inbox and "new" folder containing unread mail. The files with the really long random names are individual messages. Download them and rename so they have an .eml extension. They're not perfectly compliant .eml files, but a program like Outlook should open them properly as emails.
  7. I have no idea what that was. It's an NDR email for a message sent to web (at) artistsregistry.com, which does not accept mail. Unless you tried to send mail there somehow, you shouldn't have gotten that bounce back. It's possible it was an error when Krydos was working on the server, but either way I think it's safe to simply ignore it at this point.
  8. We aren't able to receive attachments at this address. Please upload the file somewhere and send a link to it so we can view it.
  9. That htaccess has nothing to do with ssl, that code sets the PHP version. There can be more than one .htaccess though, check the one in public html, whatever folder your domain points to, as well as in your home folder. If you generate new certificates with a free service like zerossl and upload them to your home folder (not public_html), Krydos can manually install them instead. I didn't mention this earlier because I didn't think K would want the extra hassle, but he ended up offering this himself for another user.
  10. You'll be able to install certificates yes. I'm not sure if Plesk offers something like autossl though.
  11. Your certificate is expired and cannot be renewed any longer since we no longer have a license for cPanel. Since there is no way to install certificates, the easiest fix for now is to remove your SSL redirect and allow insecure connections. This will be either be in .htaccess, or may be an option in whatever software you're running.
  12. @balloons We actually can still suspend/unsuspend an account. Unsuspended.
  13. It is indeed the date. The certificate is expired because autossl no longer works without cpanel. There is no way for a user to install a new cert at this time, so the best solution would be to remove any forced SSL redirect you may have and allow plain HTTP until plesk is up and running. If you have such a redirect in your .htaccess file, you can edit the file via SFTP to remove it.
  14. He was trying to install Drupal. That said, I do development as a hobby, database and related code design really vary by program. I usually do a separate INSERT per record when bulk inserting because a foreach or while loop is usually involved and it's much easier than doing string concatenation to build one, however if you're using something like prepared statements, I believe it assembles a single statement and executes it. I can say though that if the number of records to be inserted is massive, a single query with multiple VALUES statements is faster in my experience. I used to be against using constraints in my older code, but now use them quite heavily in my modern apps. Not only does it make for a cleaner DB, it also simplifies code, and eliminates the need to code in tedious things like update/delete code for multiple tables (the ability to CASCADE or SET NULL on a constraint means you can just run a single UPDATE or DELETE on the parent record and let the database server worry about updating/removing other lines that reference it, the desired action of course depends on what you're doing).
  15. I don't believe anybody has gotten an invite or account for Plesk yet. We've been focused on data center maintenance lately since that had to be done while Ashoat was in the area.
  16. Users are currently not able to set up new websites due to the Plesk migration. You'll need to wait until the migration is completed for your server. We have no ETA as to when this work will be completed, though I can say Tommy will be the first server completed..
  17. You can have the email with that link resent from this page: https://www.heliohost.org/backup/
  18. You mean a .SQL file? These are included in the back up, if you extract the backup, the mysql folder inside contains these files. They're in the exact same format as the ones produced by PHP my admin.
  19. I specifically said when I unsuspended it that: See Jenova's post for that information.
  20. They're included in your account backup: https://heliohost.org/backup/ If you made a bunch of changes and need something more recent, you can upload PhpMyAdmin to your account via FTP, log into that, and export the databases from there.
  21. @SeekierActually it is possible. The control panel won't work, but since it's not archived and already exists, the account can be unsuspended so the site is up at least. We can suspend and unsuspend still, we just can't unarchive, delete, or create. The username is munny, the other two accounts don't exist. Unsuspended.
  22. You will need a VPS for this. The shared hosting does not support custom server processes/daemons nor do we allow custom inbound ports on shared servers, so the “listen for connections” part is impossible.
  23. There's a beta program for selected large donors that was announced last week, so I'd imagine general availability would be within a few weeks at most.
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