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  1. I'm curious to what Krydos thinks about that error, but considering WP loves to get infected, I wouldn't be surprised if it was. That said, since it seems to be basing that error solely on the fact it timed out, I'd be more likely to believe that server load caused the error.
  2. What was the donation transaction ID and the date of the donation? Please keep in mind that only donations made after July 16, 2020 are eligible to move. If your donation is older than that, you would need to donate again. As of now, our system says you're a free user, which means either you donated too long ago, or your donation was made under a different email address than your Tommy account (we can fix that if that's the case, but we need the information above to find the donation). https://www.heliohost.org/eta/?u=dfeler Note that the "0 per day" on that page is due to us being stopped while waiting for the account creation code, but since you already have an account, that wouldn't affect you.
  3. We haven't had a license for cPanel in almost a year at this point. Please see the news section for details. We're in the process of replacing cPanel with Plesk, but that process has been very slow going. Tommy users with existing accounts who are donors are currently on the new Plesk-based system, but it's missing a lot of features at the moment. We're currently working to develop account creation code so donors without an account can get the opportunity to create one (the code needed to allow this is still being developed). The new platform is not yet available to non-donors, and won't be until all donors have been moved. If you need to administer your existing website in the meantime, please use SFTP to access your files. For databases, you'll need to upload phpmyadmin to your account and access that to manage them. In addition, full account backups made in July of 2021 when the incident occurred can be downloaded from https://heliohost.org/backup/
  4. Plesk on Lily is going to be a nightmare considering the custom stuff running on that server (insomuch that my stuff will likely need to go elsewhere in order for it to eventually get Plesk, there's way too many custom modifications and insecure settings on it to let it run wide open as a Plesk server...for example, I have 4 custom daemons and exec enabled in PHP...). I kind of use Lily as a VPS with the understanding that users needing ASP.NET can share it. We have very few ASP.NET users, I think we have like 4-5 active ones at the moment. It supports .NET 4.8, .NET Core, and even Classic ASP (I have one user running a classic site). If you want to try running your stuff there, let me know and I could create an account for you. There's no UI as Krydos said above, just FTP for files (and phpmyadmin for database access). You can configure a lot of IIS's settings using web.config files in your folders, but I'd need to set certain things up for you like server-wide changes (if they don't conflict with other users). You'll need to provide your own DNS since cPanel is gone (Cloudflare works fine with Lily). If you need email, you'd need to provide a mail server as well. Back in the cPanel days, I had Tommy configured to send Lily's mail, but I haven't figured out how to make that work with Plesk Tommy.
  5. You're still in line: https://www.heliohost.org/eta/?u=microst0 At number 2072, you've likely still got a few months to wait. You're in the free account group, which is scheduled to go last behind all donors, including those getting new accounts. The line is currently not moving at all since the next person in line is a donor needing a new account, and new accounts aren't implemented yet. If you want to move quickly, you'll need to become a donor. Since all donors with an existing account went first, you'll be sent an email to let you move within 24-48 hours if you donate. If you're a donor already and your donation is not showing on that page, post the transaction ID and we can get that fixed so you can move. Please note that only donations made after July 14 2020 will count. If the donation is older than that, you'd need to re-donate.
  6. Python on Linux requires unix line endings. Your line endings were in Windows/DOS format. I changed them to unix endings and it works now. If you're editing on Windows, my suggestion is to use an editor like Notepad++. You can author files using Unix endings using Edit->EOL Conversion->Unix in that editor.
  7. Both of those scripts work for me. I see a hello world message from the first "ola mundo" from the second.
  8. If we turn them off globally, people who want them won't be able to see them. As it stands, users who don't want the listings can just put an index.html in the folder to effectively turn them off.
  9. What do you want the new domain to be? It will need to be either your own domain, or one ending in .heliohost.us. (We no longer offer .heliohost.org domains for the reason described previously).
  10. Options -Indexes (and a few other directives) is not supported on Plesk. Just put a blank index.html file in the folders instead.
  11. It's because you're a non-donor: https://www.heliohost.org/eta/?u=jio We're working on moving donors for the time being, including new account donors which haven't even started yet (hence the 0 per day moving, all donors with existing accounts were moved already). Free users aren't being moved yet. I believe Krydos has been moving new donors though (we had another free user like you donate, he moved within 24 hours). If you donate, please post the transaction info and I'll escalate this to see if we can get you moved. You can donate as little as $1, though more is appreciated if possible.
  12. I'm not sure if that could be made to work or not. The domain and those two mailboxes is all I would need to put on the server, Krydos would need to add + to the SPF for your zone. I think from there you'd be able to send email from them by using localhost as the SMTP server. I'll see if I can set this up when I have a free moment...
  13. You should be able to use whatever SMTP service you wish. If you can't, we can fix that Lily actually has a local mail server itself, but it's restricted to sending notifications for the server at the moment. Lily was meant to be used with the defunct cpanel mail servers so I never bothered to fully set up a mail server on Lily. If you want I can add your domain as an allowed sender on the local mail server, but I need to know what domain will be in the "From" field of your emails. Also, you (or Krydos if we host your DNS) need to edit your domain's SPF record and add Lily's IP as a server allowed to send mail for your domain.
  14. Your account is still on cpanel, which has no working control panel. Your account is ready to move though. You should have received an email with a link to perform the move or wait. If they're still the same as mine was it would have a subject of "Ready for Plesk?". Many have reported that this email likes to go to spam. The email would've been sent to adm***@cl***me.ga If you can't find it, let us know. Krydos can resend it.
  15. This has been turned on with a max size of 2MB for the pictures. @sylvain See if you have a button for uploading a cover photo on your profile now
  16. The ability to do this is turned off on our forum. I don't know why it's turned off, but my guess is either abuse or disk space... (Normally there's a button next to Edit Profile that says "Cover photo" that you use to do this...)
  17. Try changing your domain's PHP version to something else (then change it back if you need to, it seems to be the act of changing it that fixes things). I had weird errors like this with my site when my account first transferred, and changing the PHP version fixed it. Another thing to try is to rename your .htaccess file. There are a few directives that cPanel supported but Plesk does not (Options -Indexes is one known one), so renaming the file to disable it will tell if this is the issue. If it is, you'd need to go through the file and determine which lines need to be commented out to make it work.
  18. Yeah, the indexes option is one of the known causes of this. Krydos hopes to figure out why these don't work and restore them at some point, but right now getting account creation working is a higher priority. In the meantime, you can just put an empty index.html in the folders instead to suppress unwanted directory listings.
  19. That's my mistake. I re-read the announcement (I posted at 6AM earlier before my coffee...), and it's specifically states only all of our donors were moved. You're still in line because you're a non-donor and we haven't moved all of our free users yet. We did add the new account users back to the ETA tool though, which pushed you back due to donors in that group. From here (https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/53328-first-phase-of-plesk-migration/#comment-219645 )
  20. It's because the 187 ETA was based on different data. Krydos updated the ETAs last night to include people who are from Johnny or otherwise are getting are otherwise getting a new account instead of a transfer. Since those people are now included, and many of them are donors, they were added ahead of you. If you have an existing account that is both: NOT archived or suspended, AND is NOT on Johnny, you should have received a plesk transfer email already. You say you may have donated. If you can find the transaction ID, we can check the date and add it to your account if it's new enough to qualify.
  21. The ETA tool doesn't show a user's position for new accounts because we aren't currently creating any new accounts. Once the account creation is implemented the positions will show up again.
  22. I wonder if his domain is blocked because of the IP it resolves to. If the server IP was blocked, it wouldn’t be just be heliohost.us subdomains, but anything that resolves to our server…
  23. Krydos has to do it for you at the moment. What do you want the new domain to be?
  24. That error means you didn't rename the right file. I renamed the .htaccess file in public_html for you and now see a default apache page (which is not surprising since there's no index file...). I would suggest creating an index page to hide that.
  25. Split from someone else's email support...
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