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  1. You can access your account using SFTP and make changes that way. https://wiki.helionet.org/management/uploading-files#ftp-sftp
  2. It's a donation, not a purchase. The Tommy account is just a gift we give to donors as a way of saying thank you. Due to technical constraints, it is not something we can currently offer. We clearly indicate that we aren't accepting new accounts if you read our website: https://www.heliohost.org/signup/ (you'll notice all of them say CLOSED except for VPSes, which are a different product that is sold as monthly subscription). We have also discussed the license and Plesk transition in detail in our News section: https://www.helionet.org/index/forum/1-news/ As for why we still accept donations, we still have to pay our providers despite not offering new accounts, and websites belonging to an existing cPanel account are being kept online without the control panel. If we stopped collecting money and instead turned off the servers and cancelled our service with our provider, over 10,000 websites would just disappear off the internet. Those with existing accounts who donate also get moved up in line to get Plesk sooner when it becomes available. Can provide the transaction ID of the donation? I'll be happy to check to see if we can refund it, but generally for these tiny donations, the Paypal fees for the initial donation plus a refund end up exceeding the amount we received from the donation.
  3. We haven't been accepting new accounts since July because our cpanel licenses have been revoked. Please see our news section for details. It's impossible to create new accounts at this time. We're in the progress of converting our systems to Plesk, but we have no idea when that will be done. Once that is done and public registration opens, we can send an invite using this donation, but it may be several months before that happens.
  4. Krydos can assign this to your account (the email address on Paypal is different from your hosting account). $15 on October 14, 2020 for the first one, this should count. Second one is either a GoFundMe donation, an invalid transaction ID, or old enough to have fallen out of Paypal (which would mean it's also old enough to be disqualified due to age...Paypal keeps 3 years of records, but we're only counting donations on or after July 14, 2020).
  5. You can donate now and it will count. If your donation comes from an email other than what's on your hosting account though, make sure to let us know. The system goes by email, so Krydos will need to manually assign it to your account if your PayPal email doesn't match your hosting account.
  6. See https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/50619-krydos-suspended-abhii100/
  7. That account was suspended so long ago (June 7 2021 based on the file date of the suspension redirect) that it's no longer even in our system, so I can't say why it's suspended, nor can I unsuspend it since I don't know the original reason for suspension. This account should have been long deleted by now, but is still returning that page because deletions stopped working properly when the licenses were revoked. Krydos might be able to find the reason for this.
  8. Our system is expecting a credit card on file because the subscriptions are usually a recurring payment (which I think Paypal itself requires a credit card for). I'll send this to Krydos to see if he can manually accept a single payment outside the normal system (the usual advice is to subscribe for a month and immediately cancel so you only pay once, but in this case that won't work since you can't pay at all due to the CC requirement).
  9. That donation is from 2019 and is too old to be counted for this program. We're only counting donations made after July 14, 2020.
  10. Krydos has to install this for you
  11. See https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/48025-solved-hestia-update-failed/ It was likely just in the middle of updating.
  12. I'm not sure anyone here is going to know how to fix this since Hestia is not our area of expertise. I'd imagine there has to be more detailed logs available though, and those would probably explain the issue if we can find them. Lets see if Krydos can take a look at this for you.
  13. That's why we can't find it...It's too old to be counted. We're only counting donations made after July 14, 2020 for this program.
  14. We could. It was left without a message originally for pretty much exactly what you said. There was either an escalation action used on it (or it was being used on something already escalated that me/Byron couldn't fix). Now the large majority of what we get goes directly to you because it's mostly donation issues or expired SSL certificates...
  15. You have to use FTP to access your account: https://wiki.helionet.org/management/uploading-files
  16. Correct. Running database servers don't like file-level backups. If you do this, it's basically luck as to whether the backup of the database server would work when restored (on a good day, it'll work, on a bad one, it'll either refuse to start at all, or it will start with missing data or databases that are marked as crashed). When backing up a running database server, you have to back it up using software that understands it's a database server. Software designed for this will be able to tell the server it's being backed up, so the server can do things like unload a database's files and flush them to disk, or produce a dedicated copy of the database that can be backed up safely. If you don't use such software, your choices for safe backups are generally to either dump the databases (e.g. mysqldump) and back up the .sql file, or stop the database server and make normal backups of the server's files.
  17. My bet is they're related to the outage we had around 0100 UTC. That was a DOS attack or similar network congestion from what I can tell (stuff got really slow and/or unresponsive but the servers stayed up). All of our stuff saw it: http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/ As long as you're not still getting them, I wouldn't worry about it.
  18. When was your donation made, and was it made through Paypal directly or through something like Gofundme?
  19. @Krydos I think the forum does that when I apply the [Krydos] action without replying to the message. I bulk-used that on several topics at once the other day. Not sure how they got marked read initially, but normally me responding would make it unread again... I'll make sure to reply going forward even if it's just the usual "Krydos has to do this"...
  20. You don't. If you don't keep your account active now, you'll lose your account when the old server goes away and have to sign up again once free registrations for Plesk is available. The backup that's currently available from https://heliohost.org/backup/ will still be available for download even if your account doesn't transfer. Would you rather keep the account active instead?
  21. We are unable to delete hosting accounts at this time due to the licensing issue. However, we can suspend your site to take it offline. I've gone ahead and done that for you. If you want it back at any point, let us know and we can restore it. Please note that by being suspended, your account will NOT transfer to Plesk when it becomes available.
  22. No. I've used HA before, it has to be locally run on your home network to be useful (it has to share a network with the devices it controls/interacts with). It can be run on a spare PC though. Python will as well.
  23. We only count donations made after July 14, 2020 (well after the Sparkie fundraiser was over), so likely not unless you somehow donated to the dead fundraiser recently. Do you have the transaction number and the date for us to confirm?
  24. Hestia would need PMA in order to link into it, as well as for it to successfully update it as part of the package. There may be a linux version of shadow copies (I don't know enough about linux, I manage windows for a living), but they aren't really supported for things like running MySQL instances. It will appear to work, but the files will be left in an unknown state because part of the data is in memory and not committed to disk (the in-memory part will not be captured). You would need to stop the database server before making the snapshot to ensure the database is flushed to disk and not in use if you wanted to go this route. Alternately, just dump the databases to .sql files with mysqldump and back up your home folder every now and then. That's the data primarily needed to restore the site if the VPS crashes.
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