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  1. What domain do you want the account to have? (Note that due to the DNS integration issues, Lily accounts require a domain with external DNS, they currently don't support using our own DNS so a free subdomain isn't an option). The easiest solution would be a freenom domain and cloudflare. EDIT: Nevermind, apparently I can create a subdomain for you. It'll be http://lily.dawid8.helioho.st/ once I figure out why it's showing as suspended. I'll send a PM when its ready.
  2. Krydos can resend this for you.
  3. It will likely be last, but yes. Lily will be a challenge to get Plesk working on since there are tons of projects running on Lily using weird custom stuff that is not compatible with it. Lily will likely lose some of its capability to run various things when it finally gets Plesk, though it will obviously be easier to use. For now, Lily is still available for users if they ask, but it works the same as it did on cpanel for the moment. You need a separate account on a Linux box, and Lily has no control panel.
  4. Solved on discord. 6.3GB in error_logs...
  5. Payment confirmed and space added. Escalating to Krydos because I'm not sure if I need to change the value in the accounts database or if that step does it on its own since I manually changed the account's subscription to the 2000MB plan in plesk.
  6. Extra space is not free (it's $5 for 1000MB). Please post the transaction ID for the payment to have the space added.
  7. Before we do anything you need to fix the severe disk space overuse on your account. You have a 1000MB account but it currently has 6816MB used, which is more than even our maximum shared hosting plan allows (5000MB, which costs $20, it's $5 per 1000MB). Please let us know what to delete (and if you'd like to get more space so you can delete less, please send the money via Paypal and post the transaction ID so we can add the space to your account). Escalating to Krydos since if I remember right you can't delete the files yourself. There's also several domains that aren't hosted with us on your account. Do you plan to host these here? appwebbrowser.com (not hosted by us) comprarappandroid.com (not hosted by us) appstursoft.es (not hosted by us) buyandroidapp.com (not hosted by us) If you want to keep everything you currently have, you'll need to buy a VPS.
  8. Also just a heads up that your account's contact email looks like its set to an address hosted on the account. We don't recommend doing this as you won't be able to receive things like password resets or various service notices this way (if you forgot your password, you won't be able to check the email to get the reset link...).
  9. Fixed. it was because you had the option for wildcard certificate enabled (we don't support wildcard certificates at the moment due to lack of DNS integration). I turned that option off and reissued it...it succeeded. It may take up to 2 hours for the new cert to take effect.
  10. I can't get into Plesk to look at this at the moment due to the server being too slow. We'll take a look at this later once performance improves.
  11. It's probably server load. I can't even load webpages from the server at the moment, and it looks like we were down overnight for an hour or so as well for an unknown reason (guessing either HE issue or DDoS again). That said, the server is able to reach api.telegram.org (ping from Tommy2 to that API came back with round trips averaging 139ms), so it's likely that the server is just too slow to actually process these GETs without timing out. I would suggest trying again later once performance improves.
  12. I'm going to have Krydos look at this because your main domain is somehow attached to two accounts (old cPanel account and your Plesk account), and the domain you want to change it to is attached to the old cPanel account. The old cPanel account needs to be cleaned up...
  13. Krydos or yash can do this for you. Also, Ubuntu 22 is out, are you sure you want 20 again, or would you prefer to upgrade to 22?
  14. Krydos has to set these up since you're using our DNS.
  15. Web monitor really depends. If your just watching port 80 with a port monitor, it will give bogus results of always up when used with CF. If you do actual http monitor (which will make an http request and look at response code), yes it works on CF (CF returns a 5xx code when the origin server is down).
  16. Uptime Robot is incompatible with Cloudflare when the proxy feature is enabled. If he turns off the proxying on CF for the root domain's A record, it will work. The problem he's seeing is because he's trying to check a nonexistent mail server in Cloudflare's data center instead of the actual mail server on Tommy. Similarly, a monitor for HTTP will have the opposite problem (always reports as up even when its not because CF will respond even when Tommy is down). If you want to use the CF proxy feature, set Uptime Robot to watch the server's host name instead of your own domain (it'd work if he points it to tommy2.heliohost.org instead). I use the same config and chose the tommy2.heliohost.org option since I wanted the proxy for speed.
  17. Please try using Filezilla. I don't use Total Commander, and it's not a client we test with or recommend, so no guarantees it'll work. We usually recommend Filezilla or WinSCP. I just tested these configurations using Filezilla and they work fine: Plain FTP or FTP with explicit TLS on port 21 (both tested using passive mode) and SFTP using port 1373. No other configurations (such as implicit TLS, FTP/FTPS on ports other than 21, etc.) are supported.
  18. You're using the wrong protocol. Port 1373 uses SFTP, not FTP. Make sure you're using the right protocol. If you want to use plain FTP or FTPS (which is not the same thing as SFTP), change the port to 21.
  19. Please keep your issue in your original topic.
  20. ASP.NET is only available on our Windows server Lily, which does not have a control panel. I have to configure IIS manually for each user, and you get FTP access to upload your code. Lily does not have Postgres, but you can use the one on the Plesk server (you'll need to request remote access from if you want to do that). Do you want me to set an account up for you? Please keep in mind also that Lily will likely be rebuilt with Plesk at some point in the future so it can have a control panel, but there is currently no ETA on when this will happen. Krydos can do the remote Postgres.
  21. Restored. It may take up to 2 hours to work.
  22. Krydos is the Python expert here. That said, I looked at the code, and based on the last few lines of code (which are supposed to make it listen on port 5000), it looks like this is a custom daemon (standalone server that listens on its own port and doesn't serve through Apache/Nginx), which is not supported on the shared hosting. If that's how this is supposed to work, you'd need to buy a VPS.
  23. Bookmarked PhpMyAdmin links are not supported. Plesk's mysql security works differently, and by design, your username no longer has access to every database on your account. You're supposed to access them individually through Plesk. For applications to access databases, you need to create and assign users just like you did back on cPanel, then give the application the username and password you created.
  24. Lets see if Krydos has any input on these issues.
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