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    PHP Mail

    Or you could forge it so that it appeared to come from billgates@microsoft.com. It's easy: mail("somebody@something.com", "Your Account", "Here is your password: blabla", "From: billgates@microsoft.com");
  2. You can try using a Meebo chatroom. http://www.meebo.com/rooms/
  3. lappy512

    Changes Coming

    Hey djbob - give credit where credit's due Then again, the server just went down again today.
  4. PHP is actually a great programming language to start out with. It's pretty forgiving, and is similar to the structure of many other languages.
  5. Welcome! Heliohost is a great host
  6. You mentioned rebooting Apache, but what about the Mysql server?
  7. Joe, go to the website i posted and select san fransisco ca and post exactly what they say. To have an upload speed that high, you would be paying an arm and a leg, i think that you got your numbers mixed up....i have a t3 connection here (dedicated traffic not shared with the neighborhood) and ours doesnt go any higher than 350 kbps for an upload. Your download is very acheivable depending when you run the test and when everyone else is on or off the net. If it is still that high, press the print screen button on your keyboard while the results are showing on your screen and send us the screenshot (paste it into paint or photoshop) http://www22.verizon.com/content/consumerf...+and+prices.htm I think he probably has this service. It's pretty cheap.
  8. 1. Search for "Nvu", that's a good free program. 2. Sign up for a free account right now, and you can ask djbob to switch it over to posting later, or just sign up for 'testing123.heliohost.org" or something and then sign up for an account when you have the posts.
  9. Don't worry...it should be working within a few weeks. In the meantime, why not post some more on Helionet? If you post 25 times a month (to earn 250 helions), you'll get a premium ad-free service! If you have extra time, we're awarding 100 Helions for each review, positive or negitave, that you make on up to three review sites for up to 300 helions! (1 1/5 months of hosting). Here's the topic about it: http://www.helionet.org/index/index.php?showtopic=2301
  10. Lifeless people is currently the biggest and one of the most reliable forum post hosts.
  11. No. Hollow, don't you like LifeLessPeople, the host? If so, haven't you known that they do it by that system? Why then are you opposed to it?
  12. It could have been down. See http://helionet.org/index/index.php?showtopic=77 for Helionet's uptime statistics. Otherwise, it may have been because your account has not been validated yet, as I'm guessing you're on an Ads Standard plan.
  13. It's about Quality, not Quantity.
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