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  1. Thats how i feel about any of these events. Like the 6/6/6 date a couple years back. Just call everyone who believes it an idiot, and if it is real, who cares? You're dead.
  2. Thank you, this may be what I wanted. I'll look into it.
  3. I searched google but it was very vague. What is the HAL?
  4. Yeah, I pretty much do want to make my own graphic controls. I just am either incompetent or windows does not allow me to write directly to the video memory.
  5. I always thought it was a Simpsons joke... people still don't have to write on the board a number of times as punishment do they?
  6. It isn't strictly illegal. Copying games other than your own is, though. Reverse engineering is illegal if it applies.
  7. Do you mean the files are on your computer? No. They are on the server.
  8. I do use opengl, I'm trying to take full control without it. I pretty much want to write to the video memory, and if not possible/allowed, take the shortest and most simple path.
  9. I hope your extras don't take away from the features, will they?
  10. Probably should have been put in Comedy. I like the first part, the second portion is kinda repetitive and too obvious/predictable to be funny.
  11. Hey guys, I'm trying to write my own graphics header. I've tested myself by witting one in OpenGL by only drawing things point by point. I made my own line drawing, circle drawing functions, etc. I made my own transparency and image drawing functions. But now I want to, if possible, write directly to the video memory char by char if I can. But from what I've found on Google, it doesn't work. I made a pointer array to the video memory but it just didn't work. Can someone give me a small piece of code that just writes a char of data, or even an int, or whatever, to the video memory at a position. I wan to do as much of the work myself at as low of a level as possible in C++. Thanks
  12. Are the abusers the ones who use the forum? I remember a while back someone else on the forum had a phishing site.
  13. The current best, I would have to say, is the Wii. Every system out there focuses on graphics and computing power, which is nice, but Nintendo knows people want to have fun. They are always pushing for something new. The Wii has the remote and now an exercise pad.
  14. So many people with dispensable money, my phone was just $20
  15. I really liked that movie and I thought the same nthing. This is where the world is probably headed. Idiots continue to breed and this is the world we will get.
  16. According to this, C i the least complicated and most effective programming language.
  17. Was it proven that a meteor hit the earth to kill the dinosaurs? Or was that just a theory?
  18. Did the object become part of earth's mass itself? If it evened out it would probably be part of the crust.
  19. What about the Doppler effect? Would we be able to experience things if we weren't going the proper speed? Due to the Doppler effect some of our senses would be mis-calibrated.
  20. but the problem is we use p2p technology to share illegal files. For instance, why p0rn sites are illegal? It's also sharing stuffs with peoples. Just the stuffs shared couldn't be accepted, it's just that simple. For sure it would be hard one to track all these. Government would just simply record down all your download quota per month and see. If you just used 100MB bandwidth per month, what could you do?? NOTHING. But if you get exceeded 50GB per month, everybody knows that you keep on downloading something huge size, so they will start monitor what you've downloaded daily and cached every file. *I downloaded 20+GB per month... XD Similar to the way the government catches growers by watching electrical usage, right?
  21. I think the traveling to the past isn't what it seems. I believe it to be you travel so fast that you catch up with the other fleeing "facts" of the universe that you experience them again and if accelerating, in reverse order.
  22. Maybe the Mayans didn't feel like adding more dates because it was useless to them. Kinda like the 32 bit time variable.
  23. Yeah, I knew about the Linux version too. It's pretty accurate. If it can't find a song I usually just have to edit the name of my song because it's not the official name or other similar problems. I agree, It would be cool if it highlighted the syllables in real time, but would require a few variables. This is really just plain text lookup without you having to do the work.
  24. Just noticed there wasn't a software forum so I posted it here. I didn't think there was a more appropriate forum except maybe music, but not in the strictest sense. Anyway, this has come in handy. http://lyricsplugin.com/ For all of you who have songs you like but don't know what they're saying at time (Because singers just can't enunciate, right?), you look up the lyrics. This plug-in will save you a few seconds of effort by showing you the lyrics to the song you're listening to when you click to play it. It usually fetches the lyrics in about 2 seconds... and I'm on dialup.
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